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Windows 7 Warning

"End of Life"

You could be at

It might be time to upgrade!

The bad news is that on 14th January 2020, Microsoft is stopping support for Windows 7. 

Are you using Windows 7?

The Windows operating system that most of us throughout the years have used and grown to love.


What does this mean?

As a result of Windows 7 reaching the end of its life, Microsoft announced it would be ceasing support in January 2020. Your computer will still work and function as it does now. 

But Microsoft will cease to provide the following for Windows 7;

  • Technical support for issues.
  • Software updates
  • No more Security updates or fixes.

How does this affect you?

While you can continue to use your Laptop or PC running Microsoft Windows 7.

The problem is that without continued software and security updates.

Your Laptop and PC will be at higher risk from viruses and malware, among other issues.

What are the risks?

  • Possibility of data loss
  • Greater Risk of Viruses.
  • More likely to be hacked.
  • Higher threat from malware
  • Easier for scammers to steal your data.

How else will you be affected?


The obvious risks aren’t everything that you have to worry about.

There are also other issues with the Windows 7 end of life that are not so obvious.

What to do, moving forward.

Going forward, you have several options to take into consideration

  • Upgrade to Windows 10.
  • "Not recommended" Upgrade to Windows 8.1.
  • Buy a New Laptop or Desktop PC.
  • Try an Alternative Operating system like Linux.
  • Purchase an Apple iMac or MacBook.

Upgrade to Windows 10

Minimum requirements.

Although the most obvious and straightforward solution to stay secure, dealing with the inevitable “end of support”, would be to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. 

“Upgrading to Windows 10 isn’t necessarily as simple or straight forward as it sounds. “


Windows 10 is significantly more powerful than Windows 7, meaning some older device might need an upgrade to enable Windows 10 to work on your PC or Laptop. 



"Upgrades are the most Cost effected solution."

If you are READY to upgrade to Windows 10, but your computer isn’t up to it! 

Hardware upgrades are the simplest most Cost-effective solution to upgrade to Windows 10.

Luckily most PC Desktop Computers and Laptops have the capability to Upgrade. 

The positives, if your computer needs a hardware upgrade to update to windows 10.

"Your computer will be drinking from the fountain of youth."

"You're revitalizing your computer, feeling like brand spanking new with a new lease of life."

"You keep all your data and files as they were, except with the Windows 10 Feel."



Windows 7





Windows 10

Did you check if your PC or Laptops Hardware was compatible? 

Or have you upgraded your hardware and now you are ready to upgrade to Windows 10?

Before doing anything, there is something really vital that you must do.

Think first...

Before doing anything, there is something really vital that you must do.

Backup your data.

Before any upgrade or update. You should always back up your precious, documents, photos and videos.


If something terrible happens and you lose all your data.

Backing up your data is a must.

If you need help, we have a simple guide for Windows 7 users to help you backup your precious files and photos.

Upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10

Now your backup is complete. You are safe to continue to update your windows laptop or PC to windows 10.

Other options...

Alternative operating systems

Upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 8.1


You might have heard about this version of Windows at some point. Although it was the predecessor to Windows 10 and the successor to windows 7. 

This is an operating system we would advise you to steer clear of. 

Its glitchy, buggy, slow and packed full of problems. It will even use more hardware resources than Windows 10.

So if a friend or anyone gave you some advice in regards to upgrading to Windows 8.1, they are not your friend. Take our word for it. It’s not worth the hassle.

Installing Linux Operating systems.


Linux is an alternative operating system completely different from Windows. Although once upon a time, these operating systems, were difficult to use. In recent years they have become more user-friendly.

But again our advice, if you are used to using Microsoft operating systems, it’s easier to stick to what you know.

Buying a New Windows PC or Laptop.

Do you think its time to purchase a new computer?

Has the Windows 7 end of life give you the idea, its time to get a new PC or Laptop. 


If your going to buy a new computer understand that any new Windows Machine that you buy will have Microsoft Windows 10 installed.

Upgrading might be the best option for you. But it’s your choice.


Problems with a New Computer.

That said? Are you used to how your computer is set out? Are you used to where your data, photos and documents are stored? 

The only issue with purchasing a new machine is you might have difficulty transfering your data, photos and documents to your new computer. 

“But is it worth the hassle when you can upgrade?”

If that’s the case then perhaps;

“upgrading your computers hardware and upgrading might be the best option for you.”

Still interested in a new Computer?

Most Windows PC’s and Laptops these days come with Windows 10 preinstalled. 

If you are looking at purchasing a new computer? We suggest this fantastic website.

That has superb quality computers at affordable prices.

Try something new?

How about Apple.


I’m sure you’ve heard about Apple products. If you haven’t the question is “have you beeg living on mars”, jokes aside.

If you have decided that a new computer is something that tickles your fancy, have you considered an Apple iMac (Apple alternative to a PC) or even a MacBook (Apple alternative to a Laptop)?

“Once you’ve tried apple you’ll never go back.”

If you do have the extra money to spare, apple might be the option for you.

They are easy to use, (very intuitive), Beautifully crafted and designed.

We do tell our customer “it’s easier to stick to what you know.” but in the case of going over to the apple dark side, it is worth the investment in time and learning.

Everything about the Apple computer range you will love, although not for everybody, it’s still worth looking into if you’re considering purchasing a new machine, because of the Windows 7 end of life.

Want us to Upgrade you to Windows 10?

If you want to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10. But your PC or Laptop needs an upgrade. But not confident about doing it your self.

Then let us do it for you. Why not visit our upgrades page

Visit our Upgrades

If you need help upgrading your PC or Laptop to Microsoft Windows 10. Why not visit our PC or Laptop repairs page.

Book an appointment and let us give you the best advice we can on how to move forward.

Do you need help upgrading your desktop PC to Windows 10 

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