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So do you want a faster system? Upgrades your Apple iMac or MacBook and increase the performance of your Apple device no end. Sometimes all your iMac or Macbook needs is a hardware upgrade.

Upgrade you Apple's hardware

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Would you like to Upgrade your Apple iMac or Macbook?

Is your Apple iMac or Macbook going slow? Have you tried a fresh install or cleaned up your Mac. You are still finding that your iMac or Macbook is still slow.

Sometimes all your Apple mac needs is a hardware upgrade. So do you want a faster system? Upgrades can increase the performance of your computer. No end.

Each upgrade performs a different role. The simple answer is that giving your Apple mac an upgrade means MORE. When I say more, I mean more! Much more, we are talking regards to increasing the ability to perform a specific task. Like play games. Do more things at once. Store much more data. Run Applications faster. 

You Can get an Apple Upgrade  

Don’t Believe what Apple tells you.

Apple let their customer believe that a large portion of their iMac and Macbook products. Either cant upgraded. Or if they can be upgraded, they discourage the customer from getting an upgrade through third-party repair companies. 

A fallacy told by apple, as a sales pitch. 90% of Apple mac products, including the iMac and Macbook, can be upgraded. 

We see so many customers that have been informed by the genius from the apple store. That their machines are not upgradable, then the apple genius will attempt to sell a new Apple product.

We hear this so often, especially when it comes to the newer slimline iMac’s. Late 2012 models and onwards, with the sealed screens. But this isn’t the case we can 100% upgrade these iMac’s

We are up to 50% Cheaper than Apple when it comes to Apple Upgrades.


Apple Upgrades are a good investment

Upgrading doesn’t come cheap! Because parts don’t come free. But one thing upgrading is. It’s a good investment. Upgrades will extend the life of your iMac or Macbook. And even add value to your Apple Mac.

Benefits of Apple Upgrades

But the benefit to you if you have an older Apple mac is. You can upgrade it and make it perform like a new top of the range Mac.

We often get Macbook Pros from 2009-2012 in for upgrades. Where the customers had been to the Apple store and Turned away and informed that their device isn’t supported any longer, they then proceed to urge the customer to purchase a new mac.

In our opinion, with the MacBook Pros from 2009-2012. A proper old clean-up, RAM upgrade and a new SSD Hard Drive they run like new. If not better than some of the more recent Apple Devices. 

We can help you with Apple Upgrades

We can help you with all your upgrading needs and give you the best possible advice if you want to upgrade. And take into consideration your budget and plan your upgrade around your budget. Ensuring you will get the most for your money. Don’t forget.O existing customers and customers that have bought a system from up also get the added perk of upgrade discounts.


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What can i Upgrade?


Memory Upgrades (iMac & Macbook)

What does RAM do? Ram enables your computer to do more tasks at once simultaneously. Meaning you can run many programs all at once and multitask between each program with ease. Ram comes in increments of 4Gb, 8GB, 16GB 32GB and so on. These days programs have become a lot more demanding for ram although we recommend between 8GB and 16GB for the Average user.


Solid State Hard Drive (iMac & Macbook)

Apple Macs can take several variations of SSD Hard drive these include SSD, SSUBX, M.2 All there SSD's (solid-state drive). are storage devices very much like a hard disk (HDD). Although they generally have much less storage capacity. The difference between a standard HDD and an SSD is the Speed. Up to 10 Times Faster than a conventional HDD. SSD is a flash storage device like a USB storage stick. The benefits of this over a standard HDD is that there is no moving part. Thus it's significantly faster. These are usually used to store your operating systems on. This hugely increases performance. The come in increments of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. The downside of SSD is Price. You are sacrificing size for Speed and Cost.


Processor (iMac)

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. Think of the processor as the brain of the computer. The faster the CPU, the quicker the thoughts are passed through your brain. You can think faster! In relevance to computers. The processor will let your computer do tasks much quicker. And run even more powerful programs at quick speeds.In Computing the speed of the processor is measured in GHz. The higher the number, the faster the processor. But these days we have threads and cores aswell. A core means how many brains CPU has in one head. and the threads means how many thoughts can be run at once. We have two major brands in Computing. Intel and AMD, Apple tend to use Intel for all their CPU's in their devices.


Do you want an Apple Upgrade?

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Hard Drive Storage (iMac & Macbook)

HDD stands for Hard disk drive. HDD is now an old storage technology that will soon be surpassed by solid-state hard drives. The downside to HDD's is because it has physical moving parts within the device. It can be prone to damage or deterioration. Because the parts moving inside are moving very fast. 7200RPM to be precise. Think of an HDD as an old vinyl disk, playing with an arm and pin reading the music. If the arm slips, the pin scratches the vinyl damaging the music. That's kind of how an HDD works. But more complex but rather than damaging music it's damaging your data. The benefits of HDD are storage to cost ratio. You can get lots of storage for your money. But this is sacrificed for speed. The opposite of an SSD.


Graphics Card (iMac)

GPU: this stands for Graphics Processing Unit. A GPU is a device used to play games, boost graphics and render videos (if you're into making videos). Or enable you to have more than one screen connected to your computer. Think of a Graphics card like an advanced calculator. The better the graphics card, the better the calculator. The faster it can calculate sums. Those sums being calculating parts of a game or part of a video as one of the main factors of a game is calculations. Graphics cards can also be used to create cryptocurrencies. Because of its calculation has this capability. You can set a graphics card up to earn you money! The Better the Graphics card the better games and more money you can make!


LogicBoard (iMac & MacBook)

The motherboard is an essential component of any machine. It brings everything together and makes everything talk and communicate with each other. If the CPU is the brain of the computer. Then the motherboard is the spinal cord and nervous system to the body. The better quality motherboard you upgrade. The more that you get out of your components and the more fabulous upgrades you can perform. Motherboards come in several variations they are all to do with the type of CPU you plan on using. And the size of the casing for your computer.

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