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OTHER to Windows 7 "end of life"


As you already know, there are obvious risks in regards to the Windows 7 end of life.

There are other not so apparent issues that will affect you and your computer. If you have a business, these effects can be quite devastating. 


If you are not aware Microsoft has already ended the life of one of its previous successful operating systems “Windows XP”. The aftermath of this end of life we still encounter today.


Therefore, we have a significant outlook and viewpoint of the effect of ending the life of an operating system. 

The list of not so obvious potential issues due to the Windows 7 end of life are as follows;

Software compatibility issues.

Due to the end of life of Windows 7, software developers will also no longer distribute software for Windows 7, meaning they will also cease the support for Windows 7 users.


As Windows 7 is gradually fazed out, this will result in other software company’s to do the same, which means no more compatible software for Windows 7.

No Third-party software updates (other software).

Again, as we stated above, because of the end of life of Windows 7, software developers will also fizzle out their support & updates.

In turn meaning, they will not provide updates for their Windows 7 versions of the software. As the developers will not need to give updates as fewer users, will be using windows 7 versions.


Problems with Businesses running purpose-specific software.

When Windows XP reached the end of its Life, We were overwhelmed with jobs from businesses, specifically businesses that had a purpose-built bespoke software for their businesses. 

As a result, many having to find alternative software’s or paying thousands to go back to the drawing board and having a new purpose-built bespoke software for their company’s.

We had many company’s contact us at the end of Windows XP’s Life, who attempted to upgrade from Windows 7 themselves with disastrous consequences, once they realised that their software was not compatible.


Businesses, running specific machines or Tools.

In industry, it is common that companies spend thousands of pounds on equipment and tools for operating particular roles or tasks within a business

For instance, when the Windows XP end of life came round, one job that comes to mind. That we had to solve at Kingfisher Computers, was a tool-making company that had several laves that communicated with specific machines. 


The client found that after they decided to take the end of life into their own hands and upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. The lave was no longer able to communicate with the machines. 

Having severe consequences for the business. Operations had ceased for several days, potentially putting the entire company at risk.


The owner contacted the manufactures of the tool, and they no longer supported this specific machinery, nor would they provide the software, making it impossible to go back to Windows XP.

The client was also informed, by the lave manufactures that the only solution was to purchase a new up-to-date piece of machinery, costing hundreds of thousands of pound.


Luckily the company contacted Kingfisher Computers, where we were able to resolve the issue and get the company back on track.

“Morel of the story, if you’re a business owner. Leave the professionals to do IT work.”

Device Driver Compatibility issues.

Imagine this scenario. You decide to stay with Windows 7, then out of the blue, your printer dies

Due to device driver compatibility issues, going out and buying a printer might not work. As printer manufacturers, will not need to provide printer drivers for Windows 7 when the support ends.


Driver support ceasing (no new drivers).

Do you have an old printer, scanner or even a digital camera? Does it currently work on Windows 7? 

Did you know that some device manufacturers stop creating drivers for devices when an operating system discontinues and the support life end! 

Even worse, some manufacture also removes old drivers from their supports sites. Leaving you in a sticky situation.


More modern devices or gadgets won't work.

Imagine two years from now, Apple release the newly released Apple iPhone 12. But you’re still running Windows 7. 

So you decide you want to backup your old iPhone 7 and restore your backup onto your new iPhone 12. But you cant, why not you might ask?

There is a chance that new device or gadget manufactures won’t consider Windows 7 support, when creating these devices, therefore meaning that the gadgets and devices or won’t work on the then ancient then and long diseased Windows 7


Software & Internet Security Risks.


As support ends for Windows 7, like its predecessor Windows XP, software companies will cease support, hackers and virus creators will take advantage of newly discovered backdoors to access your computer and software through the internet. 

Meaning, your software and data will be at risk from viruses or scammers.

Internet Browsers will stop working.

Due to the end of life of Windows 7, there will come a time when internet browser developers stop supporting internet browser software for Windows 7. 

This means that newer internet protocols or new forms of secure browsing, will not be supported on older browsers. 


Currently an issue with Windows XP, users are having to find internet browsing alternatives, modified or hacked software to enable them to browse the internet using the older operating system, again putting your computer and your data at risk.


Online Banking security (No more internet banking).

Banks want to give their customers the best customer service possible. As a result, they don’t want to risk any of their customers getting hacked or scammed due to security vulnerabilities, in turn costing the bank money.

Therefore, banks ensure that their security software is the most advanced and as up to date as possible. 


It’s in the best interest of the banks and the banking customers that accounts are as secure as possible.


Nonetheless, when an operating system reaches its end of life and support ceases, security vulnerabilities become easy for hackers and scammers to discover and take advantage of.

Due to this, banks will no longer support old browsers or operating systems attempting to access online banking systems.

Operating System instabilities


You decide to continue to use Windows 7 Post end of life. 

Then over time bug appears, it’s a bug that’s never been seen or heard of before.

You’ve googled it, but no one knows how to fix it. Now you’re stuck. Why because no one is there to support it.

Then over time, your system starts to get glitchier and glitchier, the system becomes so unstable your unable to use it effectively. Then one day your computer won’t turn on. 

“You’re now asking your self have I lost all my data?”

“At this point, your thinking. I Wish I upgrades when I had the chance”


Data Backup Concerns

You have a piece of software that regularly backs up your computer, running windows 7, You’ve got GB upon TB of data, that’s incrementally (bit by bit) backed up every day. 

Then one day, support stops for this piece of software without you knowing. But you continue to use the software. 

Only discovering somewhere down the line, that the software you’ve been using doesn’t work.

You can’t get that specific software, as the company doesn’t exist anymore.

Then disaster strikes. But you can’t get any support. What are you to do?


Data recovery or disaster recovery problems.


You’ve been using Windows backup and restore manager in Windows 7, then out of the blue, your hard drive fails. 

But not to worry you have a backup on your external hard drive. That you created using windows backup and restore. 


So you go to restore, but you’ve hit a problem. The windows backup manager that you’ve been using for nearly a decade won’t restore, it keeps crashing, then you discover there’s an error with the program. But you didn’t know.

Now Windows 7 has no support microsoft cant help you or even point you in the right direction. Neither can any third party companies because they’ve all stopped create software to help with problems such as this.

New software won't work.

affected-by-windows-7-end of life-amd-drivers-not-working

There a new game coming that you’ve been watching for months, and you’ve eagerly waited for its release.

You are so excited. The day of its release, you’re on steam to download it at the moment of its release, you sat rubbing your hands, watching the screen counting the seconds for it to finish downloading. Then it is downloaded.

You go to install, then BOOM. You’ve come across a message. You need to update your driver software. 

affected-by-windows-7-end of life-game-not-working
affected by windows 7 end of life

So you go to the Nvidia or AMD website you manage to find drivers that will work (to your amazement), you install them, all goes fine.

Now its time to install the game.

Wallop, you’ve been hit by a big trout. The game won’t install, and you’re now getting a message “incompatible software.”

This scenario iv personally encountered in the past. Be wary that when the support ends for Windows 7. Some new software or games will also stop working.

game-not-supported-affected-by-windows-7-end of life

Time and cost of migration to Windows 10.

Upgrading to Windows 10 will take time and can be costly

Take into consideration that the price of the operating system now will potentially be at its lowest due to the number of users wanting to upgrade. Whos to say the cost of Windows 10 won’t go up as the demand decreases.

Also, if you require a hardware upgrade, it is more likely that your system will be compatible with the current technologies whereas in the future they may not be.

Meaning that the Cost of upgrading won’t be an upgrade, it will be a full system built or a significant upgrade, thus costing more.


Take advantage, while the prices are low before you encounter any problems due to the Windows 7 Support end of life.

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