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Check your PC or Laptops compatibility with Windows 10

We are going to guide you through a simple tool that will check your hardware and software compatibility with Windows 10.

If you are planning on upgrading from a previous version of Windows to Windows 10. One thing you need to know is your hardware and software is compatible with the new operating system.


When considering upgrading to Windows 10, we would advise that you check out the hardware requirements of Windows 10. 

Although the compatibility checker will notify you if any needed upgrades to your hardware requirements. It is still wise to know what the hardware requirements are for Microsoft Windows 10. 

Click the link below to see the hardware requirements.

Testing for Compatability with Windows 10.

Running the Windows 10 upgrade advisor will not only check your hardware compatibility with Windows 10.

The upgrade advisor will also check to see if your PC or Laptop, has any software, hardware or drivers. That is not compatible or may conflict with windows 10.

After all, it’s in the upgrade advisors best interests to ensure a stress-free, successful installation.

Once the upgrade advisor has finished doing its checks, it will provide you with a compatibility report. 


Compatibility Report

The Compatability report will then advise you on any actions or suggestions to take to your PC or Laptop. 

Usually, the report makes suggestions in regards to changes or updates to drivers or software.


If the upgrade advisor requires software changes, this is usually resolved by either updating or uninstalling software.

See Compatibility report for Windows 10 FAQ – Windows Help from the Microsoft website.

Running the Update tool on Windows 7

  • Tip: If you're running the tool on Windows 7, you must update Windows 7 with all the latest updates. Specifically, service pack 1 (Windows 7 SP1).

Running the Update tool on Windows 8



As Windows 8 has the same minimum requirements as Windows 10, checking hardware is not a concern. Although checking software and hardware compatibility is a must.

  • Tip: If you're running the tool on Windows 8. Update your version of Windows 8 with all the latest updates, this means upgrading your device to Windows 8.1. 

Running the Update tool on Windows Vista or Windows XP.


Unfortunately, the Windows 10 update checker cannot run on Windows Vista or Windows XP. 

But lucky enough, Windows 8 has the same minimum system requirements as Windows 10.

Therefore the Windows 8 upgrades assistant will work. It will also advise you if your PC or Laptop is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.

  • Tip: TIP: Don’t waste your time upgrading to windows 8

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