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Do Apple Macs get Viruses?

  • Myth: Apples Mac's don't get viruses.

Something I hear week in and week out at Kingfisher Computers. When dealing with apple mac or MacBook customer is;

“my macs got a virus! how can my mac get a virus macs don’t get viruses.”

I wish I had a pound for every time I heard this. But the myth that Apples don’t get viruses is entirely untrue.

Advanced Mac Cleaner VIRUS!

Why do you hear Apple Macs don't get viruses?

The answers to the question are simple. Apple computers have a less market share in the computing industry. Whereas windows based computers have a majority share.

In 2010 Windows Machines had a 93% market share supposed to apples operating system. Market share in 2010 been roughly 5%

Today in 2019, windows based machines still hold the majority share for operating systems of 79.1%. Apples or should I say MacOS Market share has increased to 14.37%.

Current Operating Market Share Webpage

Why Don't Macs Get Viruses?

Well, they do, but now your thinking. What’s that got to do with my mac having a virus. Well, I suppose its got everything to do with your mac getting an infection.

So the problem or myth comes from because apple has a low market share in the operating system markets. Creators of malicious software see this as a pointless exercise because they want to infect the masses. 

It’s more profitable for Virus or Spyware creators to build infections for Windows machines.

Although apples macOS market share today is still only 14%, They still get infected.

In Kingfisher, we often get Apple iMac and MacBooks, riddled with viruses and spyware. And when we inform the customers of the issue. they always seem to find it hard to believe us because of the “Apple Virus Myth.”

Mac Speedup Pro: Apple Mac Virus

Do you think you have a Mac Virus?

So if your mac isn’t running how it should be or your getting harassed by popups and viruses. It’s highly likely that your macs got an infection.

What should you do?

CREATE BACKUP: First things first: create a backup of your machine. of course if you create a backup while your mac has a virus, your backup will also contain the infection. But at least you’ve got a copy of all your precious data in case all goes wrong

GET PROTECT WITH ANTIVIRUS: There are handfuls of Antivirus and Malware software available for apple macs these days. I always use the same two for all my machines at home and in the office.

Check out our 4 Best Antiviruses for Macs

What we recommend.

The two tools that we recommend above all are Malwarebytes and Avast Antivirus.

You can download them both here;

INSTALL & RUN THE ANTIVIRUS: Once you’ve downloaded both programs, then installed them, fire both programs up and let them do their thing. If you are infected, I assure you both these program will find the little nasty.

Avast Mac FREE finding viruses on an Apple iMac

Lesson Learned!

"Apple Mac's get Viruses"

So from now on, think of it as a lesson learned. Or at least if you haven’t got an infection at least your more aware. They exist for Apple macs on macOS Operating System.

Were you infected with a Virus?

Now Cleanup your Mac!

Now it’s time to clean your mac! Read our Article Cleaning up your MAC with CCLEANER (READ HERE)

Is your Mac infected?

Do you need out help?

Have you tried to remove a virus yourself? But with no success? Would you like us to help you?

If you think you’ve got a virus on your Macbook or iMac but you’ve tried everything but your still infected. Why not let us remove it for you.

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