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Best 4 FREE AntiVirus Programs for your Mac.

Would you like to know what the best 4 Antivirus programs are for your mac? And why you need them.

  • Tip: Did you know macs can get viruses too! Read our article "Do macs get viruses".

If you’ve read my previous article. Do Macs get viruses? (READ HERE)

You will have discovered that if you’ve got an iMac or MacBook, you are still at risk of getting a virus! Debunking the myth: macs don’t get viruses! 

If you’ve read that article, you would have discovered that Apple Macs are vulnerable to viruses. 

The difference being as there are fewer apple macs in comparison to PCs. Apple Macs are less likely to become a victim of a Malicious Virus attack.

Regardless it’s still important to be safe and get protected from a potential virus attack with an Antivirus.

So I’m guessing your reading this article. Because you’re not using an Antivirus Program on your mac. or you enjoy my articles. But I’m assuming the latter. And you’re in the market for an antivirus for your mac.

So let me make it easy for you. I’m going to tell you. in my opinion the Best 4 Free antiviruses to protect your iMac or Macbook.


We often test and benchmark several antivirus programs. Every few months to ensure our customers are getting the best possible protection. That’s how we’ve come up with our list of “Best 4 Free antiviruses for you mac”.

BEST 4 FREE Antivurses for your Mac!

1) Avast Security Mac

avast-mac-security best-4-free-antivirus-programs-for-your-mac
Number 1 on our List: Avast Mac Security for Mac

Avast Security Mac – Antivirus is a particular favourite for our team at kingfisher computer. We’ve been using the Avast for the past 15 years on desktop computer and laptops. And we have faith in the product. But when Avast released their mac version. We soon started to use it.

It’s not that we have blind allegiance to the program. As we do use and test other programs.

It’s simply that the Mac version of avast is far superior to the PC version in terms of simplicity and is so easy to use. A toddler could use it.

Avast security mac doesn’t seem to slow your mac down. 

You will find it packed with features that continually work to stop any viruses, spyware, adware and malware that could damage your system.

When surfing the internet, Avast security will identify and block any threats. and trackers coming from dangerous or suspicious sites, you might visit.

Avast Security does provide a paid version. With some added features in the premium paid version. But we think the free version is more than adequate. That’s one of the reasons it takes its place at number one in our “BEST 4 FREE Antivurses for your Mac!”

2) Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

Number 2 on the List: Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

Avira gets it to place in our list of Best 4 FREE AntiVirus Programs for your Mac. Because it is has a fantastic hands-off approach. That runs in the background and schedules its self it runs at times when you’re not using your Mac.

Even though Avira Antivirus is free, it’s packed with lots of features. One of my favourite features is that the real-time scanner will scan your entire computer. Over time without you noticing and not just a real-time scan on specific times.
The benefits of this are that a dedicated full system scan. Usually takes a lifetime to complete and most of the time it dramatically slows your Mac down. Not when it’s integrated into the real-time scan it doesn’t

3) Malwarebytes

Number 3 on the list: Malwarebytes for mac

One of the best and our favourite features of Malwarebytes. Its that the scan is phenomenally fast. The fastest scanning iv saw in my 25 years in the industry. If Malwarebytes discovered any malicious threats, it would display a list. It is giving you a choice to either ignore, quarantine or delete the threats.

Malwarebytes Free might have an incredibly fast way of finding and detecting and deleting viruses, malware and spyware. But that’s not enough protection on its own. Malwarebytes free version has no real-time protection or scanning, which means that scans need to run manually every time. The premium version provides this real-time scanning. So you can sit back and feel safe.

4) Bitdefender

4) Last on the List: Bitdefender for Mac

Bit defender comes 4th on our list of best antiviruses for mac. Because it really is good at scanning files and applications. nowhere near as fast as Malwarebytes. But it allows you to choose specific areas on your drive to scan. helping full system scans to become faster and more efficient. Bit defender also doesn’t have real-time scanning to manually starting scans is a must.
However, it will check for new viruses definition updates every hour. Ensuring that Bitdefender has the latest virus databases. Helping it to identify any threats and latest protection.
The biggest downside to Bitdefender is it has no online browser scanning facilities. Making you totally vulnerable whilst surfing the internet. and exposing you to phishing emails.

Do you have a Virus on your Mac?

Have you tried to remove a virus yourself? But with no success? Would you like us to help you?

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