Windows 10 Upgrades

November 29, 2019

Windows 10 Upgrades

Are you looking for Upgrades for your PC or Laptop to upgrade to Windows 10?

Before we proceed, if you're looking for upgrades because you want to upgrade from Windows 7 to Microsoft Windows 10.

We suggest you check out the Windows 10 System requirements.

Windows 10 Requirments

What are Upgrades?

Upgrades are a very cost-effective solution of increasing your PC or Laptops performance, without the need for a new computer. Each part of your computer plays a specific role. 

Upgrades can increase specific roles or capabilities of your computer.

  • TIP: Solid-state hard drives are amazing Upgrades for Windows 10 to increase performance.
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The Roles of Upgrades

Easily explained.


Processor (CPU)

Increase how fast your computer thinks. "more cores more brains thinking"


Hard Drive Storage (HDD)

STORE MORE: Increase how much information your computer can store. 


Hard Drive Speed (SSD Solid State)

STORE FASTER: Increase how fast your computer can find information on your computer.


Memory (RAM)

DO MORE AT ONCE: More ram means more tasks your computer can do at once. 


Graphics Card (GPU)

PLAY GAMES: A graphics card enables you to play games or create videos.


Motherboard (MOBO)

EVERYTHING BETTER: The motherboard brings all your components together, the better the motherboard, the better your computer can communicate with different parts.


Power Supply (PSU)

MORE POWER: Powers your computer, Vital for stability, especially when using graphics cards.


Cooling (Heatsink/Fan or Water)

RUN COLDER: The cooler your computer runs the better it performs and longer lives.



LOOK FANCYA new case can help with bigger better parts, or even make your computer look more stylish.

  • TIP: More Memory (RAM) Upgrades for Windows 10 to system stability.
Upgrade your computer?

Upgrades for PC and Laptop Differ.

Understand that the upgrade capabilities differ from PC to Laptops so before I explain what the purpose of each upgrade is, your best knowing what you can upgrade on your device. 


PC Upgrades

  • Processor (CPU)
  • Hard Drive Storage (HDD)
  • Hard Drive Speed (SSD)
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Graphics Card (GPU)
  • Motherboard (MOBO)
  • Power Supply (PSU)
  • Cooling (WATER or AIR)
  • Casing or Enclosure
  • Wireless Networking (Wifi)

Laptop Upgrades

  • Processor (CPU)
  • Hard Drive Storage (HDD)
  • Hard Drive Speed (SSD)
  • Memory (RAM)

NOTE: High-end gaming laptops its usually possible to Upgrade your CPU and GPU.

  • Processor (CPU)
  • Graphics Card (GPU)
Upgrade your computer?
Article written by Darren Waggott

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