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Virgin Media has confirmed that "there is no national broadband outage." But we don't only disagree. We know otherwise.

Today, Virgin Media has confirmed that “there is no national broadband outage.” We disagree, so do our customers.

This morning (19th November 2019) Virgin media made a statement saying that their broadband is working, and they confirm “no broadband outage”, but we’d beg to differ.


How do we know Virgin media how an outage?

Like every morning, we open our shop ready for the day ahead. But the first task we generally undertake, after of course putting the kettle on.

We check our emails. Then make sure all of our servers in the office are working correctly. But today was a different story.

Our Virgin Media broadband wasn’t working. At all. Dead completely dead a full outage.

Distressed Virgin Media Customers

Then from out of nowhere like something out of a horror movie. The calls from clients and customers came flooding in, one after another. Asif a disaster had happened.

All saying the same thing “My Virgin media internets not working, iv rang virgin media, and they say everything is ok.”


Been technicians, we had already logged into our Virgin media router and checked the internet connection status (upstream and downstream) “techy for internet connection”. and Nothing a complete 100% outage.

So we decided to contact virgin media, you will never guess what we discovered?

Apparently, Virgin Media have no problem at all.

Urgent Internet Connection: The Resolution.

But first things first, we urgently needed an internet connection, due to the virgin media outage. So tethering was the solution.

“as we stupidly removed our spare internet line last year. When times were hard because Hartlepool Borough council closed church street, so we had to make cutbacks. But that’s a different story.”

So we resorted to using our mobile phones with tethered internet connections. To get started for the day in business.

Imagine that a computer shop like Kingfisher Computers, especially one as large as ours using a hand full of mobile phones to get internet connection throughout our whole shop.

If you’re experiencing, similar problems with an internet outage with Virgin media, like we are, “at the moment.” 

Would you like to know how to use your mobile phone as a backup? Heres how.

Set up a tethered connection from my mobile phone

Back on Track, what's the issue at Virgin Media

Anyhow once we had our internet back up and running, Without the need of virgin media.
It was then possible to get back on with our daily activities But slowly. Even with the said virgin media outage.

Once caught up, I decided to give virgin media a call, and there it was. “a connection fault in the area.”

Virgin Media Outage Map

Then I thought id give it a good old google, find out what the actual issue was. so as you do, I googled “Virgin media broadband outage.”

Then there it was nine, yes nine article in my newsfeed all talking about a mass Virgin media broadband outage,

Hastily I went straight to the Virgin media website to check the online status. But to my amazement, that was also down.

Has virgin media gone into meltdown? How big is this outage?

The funniest thing happened.

I got a call from a regular customer requesting remote support (repairing computer over the internet). So gladly I offered up my services. Then connected to her laptop remotely.

But to my amazement. It was a Virgin media Broadband connection. “How come she’s not affected by the virgin media broadband outage and got an internet connection and shes only a five-minute walk away from our office”.

It then came apparent that virgin media must have more significant issues throughout the country. and it must be random.

After the said remote connection, I decided to have a read of those news articles.

Google News Feed & Twitter

What Makes this scenario Different

It’s incredibly unusual for broadband issues, to go national. Usually, if there are issues with virgin media, these issues are local. Not matters throughout the UK.

The other unusual thing is why is virgin media denying claims that they are experiencing internet outages. Why would a company as large as virgin media refuse this? Is it perhaps because the rumours are true. 

Are Vodafone Going to Buy Virgin Media

Are Vodafone interested in buying virgin media and on the eve of this purchase, virgin want to make things appear as if everything is going smoothly? Who knows.

Again who knows if the Vodafone acquisition of virgin media is just a rumour. But ironically the superpower that is Vodafone does seem to be buying up all the cable companies around Europe, why not virgin media.


Why leave the customers in the dark?

We’ve been a customer of virgin media for well over ten years, and never have we ever experienced an outage like this. We’ve always found Virgin media to have superb customer support, and if they ever have has an issue, are generally resolved within hours. 

But this internet outage has seemed to have made the national press. Makes it quite alarming, especially with them denying the issues.

The ultimate question is why.

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