5 Ways To Speed Up Your PC

September 19, 2018

5 Ways To Speed Up Your PC

We've all been there. You're trying to watch a movie, play a game or even browse the internet. The only problem is your computer is running slower than a snail! how do you increase the speed? Yet you don't want to empty your bank account to get your computer working how it should. So what is the solution? How do you speed up your old workhorse without spending a penny? 
Now that's a cluttered desktop

Does cleaning up your desktop speed up your PC?

The short answer is No. Cleaning up your desktop will not speed up your computer. Having a clean desktop will increase your productivity. It will not increase your computers speed! It's the same as having a clean office desk. It may look nice but it doesn't increase the quality or speed of your workflow.

1. Cleanup Startup apps

Some applications are set to run at startup when installed. This has a significant effect on your system’s boot time.  It's a good idea to clean your startup applications. This is to ensure that no unnecessary apps are set to open as soon as you log in to your PC.  To control which applications run at startup. Open Task Manager by pressing Control + Shift + Escape, and navigate to the Startup tab.  Now you can see which apps are set to run at startup. Disable programs which you do not use immediately after starting up. startup-app-speed-up-pc

2. Clean up your Hard Disk

Cleaning a messy hard drive always seems like a drag. You have so many files but you're hoarding them! Everyone is guilty of this to some extent. In the modern-day, there is an easier way than going through each folder and deleting every file you don't need. Low and behold CCleaner! It's a handy program and it's also free. CCleaner will clear your cache files and any temporary files that take up disk space and are useless. We also recommend using Window's control panel to uninstall programs that you don't use. It may take 10 minutes out of your day but what is 10 minutes of your time for an extra 10 GB of disk space? Check out Kingfisher Computer's download page to get CCleaner. Click here. Alternatively, visit CCleaners website Click here.
Ccleaner to clean up your hard disk and speed up your PC

3. Change your power settings

Windows comes with its own pre-made settings config. This is because it's easier. Easier for Windows user's to not have to worry about tweaking their settings when using their PC. Windows installs with the 'Balanced' power setting. This is a mix of the 'Energy Saving' and the 'Performance' modes. This is because it wants your PC to save power whilst not taking too much of a performance hit. Changing this setting will make your PC see a performance boost. This is because it gives more power to your PC, leading to it getting the extra juice it needs to perform its tasks.
Switching from balanced to max performance will speed up your PC.

4. Defragmenting your disk

A disk defragmenter is a tool that is a standard feature of all versions of Windows. It removes the bad sectors on your hard drive and optimizes file saving. It’s best to not do anything on your computer while optimizing your drives. This is because it avoids interrupting the process. Furthermore, it usually takes time to complete so you may want to do this when you’re off work. The drive optimizer stops information from getting scattered across your drive. This is useful because fragmented information on a drive is always bad news. The optimizer corrects this issue. This is because it restores the information to its correct location.
Optimizing your disk will always increase its speed.

5. Always update your computer

Keeping Windows 10 up to date is crucial for both security and performance. Software updates increase the performance of applications and fix bugs. Bugs and errors cause system slowdowns in certain situations. Maintaining a regular update schedule will help protect your machine. Malicious applications will look for vulnerabilities. Keeping your PC up to date will prevent this because it will patch the loopholes that malware looks for. Keeping your system updated will stop apps not working. This is because apps get updated and Windows needs to get updated with them to stay compatible. This will keep your PC healthier for a longer period of time. microsoft-windows-update
Article written by Darren Waggott

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