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Securing your Facebook

Securing your facebook:

Are you worried about the security or privacy of your Facebook?

Do you think your Facebook may have been hacked or worse, someone’s logged in watching your every move?

Then this is a simple guide to locking your Facebook down, and making sure your information is safe.

What should I secure?

There are several ways to ensure your social media; more specifically, Facebook accounts are secure. These include:

    • Having a secure password
    • Securing your email and iCloud password and recovery information
    • Linking your phone number to your Facebook
    • Clearing active session
    • Removing devices
    • Log on approvals

I have already covered this in a previous post, you can find it here:
Securing your email and iCloud password and recovery information
If you have already changed your password to be more secure, you can go one step further and update your recovery information too.

If you are a target of a hacker, there is a high chance that they have already found out information about to access your accounts. So updating your recovery information is a must!

For you, security questions make sure they are not easy to find out like “Your place of birth”.

Do not put the town you were born in; make it hard to find out like the hospital. My little trick is to mix and match the answers.

Say the first question is “mothers maiden name” and the second question is “first pet”. I’d answer the second question with the answer to the beginning.

Linking your phone number to your Facebook

It’s simple and a perfect way to make your accounts even more secure. All you have to do is go into your security settings on Facebook and find the link phone number option. (If you can’t find it make sure to watch the video tutorial).

Then adds a security feature in which when you or a potential hacker tries recover your password you will get an SMS.

Clearing active session & Removing devices

In the Facebook security settings, you will see an option to view all of your currently active sessions.

These are the places you are currently logged on.
Do not worry if some of the locations are not the town you are in.
Meaning when you logged in from your phone via your phones internet and not wifi, it will be using the network’s servers in a different part of the country.

You should only be suspicious if the location is somewhere outside of the country (unless you have been abroad recently!).

Log on approvals.

It’s another excellent security measure. You can set up an approval system for whenever you log into an account like Facebook or Gmail.

When setting up it will ask you via SMS, through the app or email (whichever you prefer), for a security code to log in.

If your phone number is linked, it makes it a lot easier to approve.


Have a watch, of this little video iv created with steps regarding securing your Facebook account

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