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MacOS Catalina Problems?

Is your mac stuck on "Setting up your mac…"?

Did you have any strange problems when installing or upgrading to Catalina? Now you have MacOS Catalina Problems?

Did it feel like it was just hanging and not going anywhere or doing anything?

If this has happened to you, it’s likely that something has gone wrong with the installation!

The funny thing is. That MacOS Catalina installation isn’t meant to take long at all!

So if your installation is taking a lifetime?
Are you waiting it out?
Have you decided to let your Mac run overnight in the hope the install/ upgrade corrects itself by the time you wake?

Lots of people have been experiencing the same thing.

Even I encountered it on my MacBook, and also I thought everything went smoothly on.

MacOs Catalina Problem: Stuck on "setting up your mac"

Hanging on the "setting up your Mac."

People are having MacOS Catalina Problems with their Macs. Lots of Apple devices are hanging on the “setting up your Mac” screen. That appears after the installation.

Anyhow, when it happened to me. I figured the Fix out to this in about 5minutes, and it’s so simple your grandmother could do it!

Just press and hold the power button on your Mac until it turns off. Then power it up again! Simply a Reset.

Iv been repairing Computer for 20 years. I would never recommend a restart during and installation.

Notably, on any machine that is performing an install. Or updating. No matter if it’s a Windows PC, Linux machine or an Apple Mac. Resetting is not something anyone should do.

But again from experience when installing Catalina on my system.

I knew I had created a backup of all my files. Then I knew that the machine has gone entirely idle. That’s why and when I decided to press the reset. Good Job! I was right!

After I did the reset, I had a quick look on the Apple Support page on my iPhone. There I discovered that lots of people were having these same issues with “setting up your mac…” error”!

So I left a comment suggesting others do that same as lots couldn’t figure it out! That’s the Fix! But one of the kingfisher team discovered it.

The restart fix seemed to work and has since worked for lots more.

Has an install of MacOS Catalina, Crashed on you?

Did you experienced "Setting up your mac…"?

  • TIP: If you need to restart due to the "setting up your mac" issues. After the install of MacOS Catalina, Run first aid disk repair with Disk Utility.

Disk Utility Post-install

Go to Finder and type “disk utility” to search for disk utility when it finds disk utility for macOS open it, and do a “first aid” disk repair.

This is in case any damage was caused to the disk or file system. Because of an abrupt power down during an instal! Isn’t a good idea.


Other Resources Regarding “setting up your mac…”

Just so your confidence in our judgment here is several other resources explain the issue and Fix.

MacWorld “fix macOS installation”

OSXDaily “Troubleshooting MacOS Catalina Problems”

MacRumors “Is Your macOS Catalina Install Stuck? Here’s How to Fix It”

If you haven't installed, MacOS Catalina. Read this?

We wrote an article this week regarding MacOS Catalina. Titled “should I upgrade now”. 

Installation errors like this are a valid reason. To hold off updating or installing Catalina.

Even wait until the first update to MacOS Catalina is released. Give Apple time to iron out any creases in their latest operating system before you upgrade or update.

  • TIP: If your going to upgrade to MacOS Catalina. Make sure you create a backup first you don't want the MacOS Catalina problems causing you to loose your data.

In the past week iv seen several Apple machines. That has failed when updating or installing Catalina. Due to the MacOS Catalina “setting up your mac” Problem.

The owners of the devices hadn’t created backups either. Meaning they had to undergo data recovery.

Would you like us to Upgrade you to MacOS Catalina?

If you’re wanting to upgrade to macOS Catalina. But not confident about doing it your self. Scared you might lose all of your data. when you get the “setting up your mac…” error.

Then let us do it for you. Why not visit our Apple Repairs click the button below.

If you’re holding off upgrading or installing macOS Catalina for a while. But its something your thinking about doing. But you’re worried about the data on your iMac or MacBook. Why not visit our iMac or MacBook page.

Book an appointment and let us give you the best advice we can on how to move forward.

Do you need Apple iMac Repairs?

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Did you enjoy this article?

Have you installed MacOS Catalina?

Did you get the "setting up your mac..." error?

What did you do? Did it fail? Did it succeed?

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