Is 2020 Time for Windows 11

January 8, 2020

Is 2020 Time for Windows 11

Windows 10 has become something of what user would now call an excellent operating system, something that Windows Vista or Windows 8 never became. 
Microsoft Windows 11
Although Windows 10 wasn't always the operating system it is today there was once upon a time, we would get customer after customer in our shop, with issues and bugs with windows 10, and people were crying out to revert to Windows 7. But unfortunately, now Windows 7 has reached its end of life there is nowhere to turn other than Windows 10. 



Windows 10 Downfall

Its time windows 10 has become a decent operating system throughout recent years, and it certainly had its issues since its release in July 2015 Microsoft released the Windows 10 operating system too early in hopes it would increase its market share, especially after the disaster that was Windows 8. As a result, Microsoft began forcing Windows 10 FREE updates onto people, and sometimes against their will. Since then, Microsoft has taken much effort to improve and iron out any bugs with twice-yearly updates. Although some of these updates have seemed rushed and even some of them had severe implications of peoples computers. Actually breaking them or creating unsolvable bugs post an update or install. Although the twice-yearly updates should have given people faith in the Windows 10 operating system, it did quite the opposite. Even though Microsoft most recent release of Windows 10 is near perfect, the damage has still been done. So is it time to leave Windows 10 behind and Microsoft start with a clean slate with a brand new operating system. We can perhaps even suggest a name. Not Windows 10.1.  Windows 11.

Windows 11

"Microsoft if your reading this we would like some royalties in Windows 11, just 11% sounds like a nice number, for coming up with the name" Some time last Christmas I came upon a cute little concept of Windows 11 on YouTube by a channel called Avdan
But recently a few more Windows 11 design concepts and reimagining's have popped up, and I'm guessing the end of life of Windows 7 has got something to do with it. Come to think of it, Microsoft two most significant operating systems where Windows XP and Windows 7. Then followed by Window 98. They were clean, easy to use, stable (well sort of). We didn't have the terrible tiles start menu designed that Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 have (who the hell had that stupid idea they want sacking).

Windows 11 Concepts

Back to the reimagining of Windows 11, the other day I stumbled upon a new concept video on YouTube on the channel: the Hacker 34 It gives us a brand new start menu that users will likely like at first glance, a smaller action centre and a much needed updated file explorer. A dark mode that adapts wallpapers, Between dark mode or light. All are borrowing the ideas from smartphones and apples flawless and fluent designs. This type imagining and fluent design of Windows 11 has become more critical than the actual capabilities of the operating system, as proven by ios. It's about time that Micorosft started looking towards its users than developers and taking the thoughts and imaginations of the general public to heart before releasing a new operating system like Windows 11
Article written by Darren Waggott

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