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20 of the biggest iPad Air and Air 2 issues.

Here are some of the issues we’ve heard about, the iPad Air and Air 2.

The Apple iPad airs are the best 10-inch tablet, on the market.

1. Bugs.

Apple has stated that a fix is on its way as they are aware of this.

If you have received this message, you could stop the crashing by sending a new message to the same app on your device. 

Another way is using Siri to send yourself a message.

Apple iPad Air Issues

2. Won't turn on?

Some people, at some point, find their iPad won’t turn on, potential solutions to this are holding the home button along with the sleep button and holding them together for a few seconds.

Another one is plugging your iPad into charge and leaving it for a little while, preferably at least 30 minutes.

3. Won't airdrop work?

Airdrop is a quick way to share your files; however, this doesn’t always work.

You could prevent this by making sure you don’t have the do not disturb turned on. You could also restart your iPad as it has been known to work.

Another one to try is to swipe up from the bottom of your screen, which will open your control centre. ( make sure your Bluetooth and wifi are turned on).

4. Can't find photos? Or they are missing?

After the iOS 8.3 update some people bad missing photos, upon further inspection they found that they had just been jumbled up.

If you go into your photos and look at them under the moment’s option, they will be in the correct order. Also, if you open your photos within the app, Ie Facebook or WhatsApp, they should appear in the right order.

5. Your iCloud storage isn't displaying correctly?

Again this issue seems to be from the iOS 8.3 update, some people found in their iCloud storage the amounts and availability were showing incorrectly. It’s only a display bug, so don’t panic.

You could try manual sync by connecting your iPad up to your computer using iTunes.

6. iPad charging slowly?

Some iPad owners are surprised at how long it takes to charge fully.

On average it should take between 3-4 hours if you find its taking longer here are some things you could try.

Switching your iPad onto aeroplane mode, this can be done within your settings.

You could also try turning your iPad off altogether, and this could help.

7. Your Safari tabs refreshing?

People with more than one or two tabs open a find when you click the page it keeps reloading. There has been a lot of discussion about this issue, and it would seem the problem is related to lack of RAM, which unfortunately means it’s unlikely there is a reliable fix.

You could try holding the home button and the sleep button until the iPad restarts.

You could also try limiting the number of tabs you have open at once.

8. Problems with Bluetooth pairing up?

If your having issues pairing your iPad up to things like keyboards, speakers and headsets.

You could try deleting your paired devices from the list under Bluetooth. Also, try turning your Bluetooth off and then back on.

9. No sound from your iPad?

If you find your iPad Air has sudden,y gone silent one of the obvious things is to check the volume settings and that there isn’t anything plugged into the headset port.

You could try double-pressing the home button and closing down all the apps that are running, also try swiping up from the bottom of the screen to get your control centre and check you haven’t got mute selected.

Try blowing into the headphone port or plugging something in and taking it back out. The best option is to blast some compressed air into the port, and if there is anything stuck, it should remove it.

Also, try resetting all settings to see if that helps.

If all of these options fail, it’s time to contact Apple directly.

10. Does your camera keep freezing or won't upload?

Try double-pressing the home button and swipe up the camera app along with any other apps that might use the camera.

You could press and hold the home button along with the sleep button until it restarts.

Another option is to try going into your settings click the reset all backgrounds see if this makes s difference.

If you are still having problems, this could be a hardware fault, so contact Apple.

11. Is your touch screen not working or works intermittently?

Some people have found the screen doesn’t work, maybe it’s the full screen or parts of the screen?

When your iPad is turned off, try using a damp microfibre cloth to wipe over it, also try pressing the home button three times.

Another thing to try is to check the

settings > general > accessibility

and make sure your voice over isn’t turned on.

12. Orientation locked?

Some people have found an issue where their iPad Air is stuck in landscape or portrait view, even when you rotate the iPad, it doesn’t change.

13. Freezing, crashing or rebooting?

People have been having problems with their iPad Air and air two crashings, freezing and just displaying a black screen.

You could try resetting your iPad, also try uninstalling anything you don’t use.

Get into the habit of double-pressing the home button to swipe up and close applications you aren’t using.

Apple pushes out updates with bug fixes quite often. Watch out for these landing in settings> general> software update.

If all this fails contact Apple to get a replacement.

14. Is your restore taking ages or not working?

If it looks like the process has stalled try restarting your iPad Air. People found by turning the iPad on and off it prompted the iPad to pick up where it left off.

Also, try restarting your router.

If you’re having trouble restoring from iCloud try using a cable and iTunes instead. 

Works both ways so if you find the cables iTunes restore isn’t working for you, then you can still try iCloud.

If this doesn’t work try factory resetting your iPad Air. Back it up first then go to settings> general> reset > erase all settings > erase.

Now create a new account on your Mac or MacBook, give it administrated privileges, restart the Mac and log into it as a new user. Plugin and back up your old iPad with iTunes. When done connect your new iPad Air and restore from the back up you just made.

15. Overheating?

All modern mobile technology is prone to overheating in certain circumstances because we pack big battery’s into small form factors. If you’re using a cover or case, it could prevent the iPad from cooling down, so try and remove it.

If you are in a warm environment, like a car in the sun, then it will have an impact. Go somewhere cool or turn on air-con.

If you play an intensive game for a long time, then it will get warm, so try and take a break now and then.

If your iPad does get hot often for no apparent reason, take it back to Apple for them to check it out.

16. Does the screen have dark lines or a yellow tint on the side?

A few iPad owners have been complaining about issues with the screens on their new tablets. Seems to be an issue with production, so the only option is to take it back to your retailer or Apple and get a replacement.

17. Keyboard or navigation lag?

Some people have encountered lag when typing on the keyboard or when navigating in and around apps.

Problems related to the animations can be alleviated and reduced by switching them off via setting>general>accessibility > minimize motion.

You might also find that turning increase contrast on also in settings>general>accessibility might help.

You could try resetting all settings also if your keyboard is the main problem then try going to settings>iCloud and turning document and data off.

Try restoring your iPad Air and then make sure you reboot by holding down the sleep/wake button and slide the power off.

18. Safari crashing?

A lot of people are having issues with Safari crashing frequently. Happens when people open additional tabs. Pressing the tab button is enough to produce a crash in many cases.

Try going to settings> Safari and tap to clear history cookies and date. Also, try rebooting your iPad.

If that doesn’t work go to settings>iCloud>storage and back up >backup, now then go to settings>general>reset>erase all content and settings and set the iPad Air up again and restore your back up.

19. Not connect to the wifi, running slow or dropping the connection?

If you find that your iPad Air or Air two won’t connect to your wifi or it drops connection frequently without explanation, you could try a few things.

You could try rebooting your router and your iPad Air. Turn them both off for 30 seconds then turn them back on again.

You could put your iPad Air into aeroplane mode. 

Settings > general > reset > reset network settings

now turn aeroplane mode off and set your connection up again.

Also, check your router settings and ensure the firmware is up to date. You will have to refer to the manufacturer or isp of your router for details on this. You may be able to switch bands on your router or tweak other settings that make a change. 

Changing from an automatic channel bandwidth to a specific setting can sometimes improve the speed.

20. Battery life?

Is another common problem with all tablets but the iPad Air should get comparably good battery life. If you find that the battery is draining fast and you’re sure it’s not just because of heavy use, then you can try a few different fixes.

Could it be related to a specific power-hungry app? If you get consistent problems with a particular app, make sure it’s up to date. You should also double click the home button to click the offending app up and off to close it when not in use.

You could try resetting your device by holding down the home and sleep/wake button together for a few settings. Ignore the slide to power off and wait for the Apple logo.

If you have cellular support on your iPad and your in an area of bad reception or between two towers the Ltd or 3G connection could be the culprit.

Try switching connection types and keep it off when you don’t need it. You could back up via iCloud and try restoring your iPad Air.

If nothing seems to help and you're getting significantly less than 9 hours on a charge, then you could have a hardware problem. Take it back to the retailer or contact Apple and get a replacement.

Do you need help?

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