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Dell Inspiron M5040 Failed Windows 10 Upgrade - Explorer Crash Loop'



Dell Inspiron M5040 (Product information)

Model Number 5040-6534 (Drivers)

Like a lot of people have been doing lately. The windows 10 Free Upgrade.

Although some people have successfully upgraded with no problems, others have encountered difficulties.

In this case, after the Windows 10 upgrade, A customer had used his laptop several times before the customer unexpectedly encountered an issue.

What was the Issue

Windows, started to crash, and even worse it would work for about 10 seconds then restart explorer, thus rendering the computer useless.

Then the customer decided to bring his computer to Kingfisher Computer, Hartlepool.

Upon inspection, It appeared to be a virus or spyware, that was causing the laptop to crash sporadically.

Therefore we proceeded to do the obvious; run MSConfig and disable most if not all startup items. 

But that didn’t work.

Then we assumed it perhaps might be a registry fault.

So we managed to open task manager and run CCleaner to clean up and registry repair.

That didn’t work either. 

So the next possibility was a windows integrity issue. So then we opened task manager, then proceeded to open the command prompt with administrator privileges and run SFC / scannow

What is SFC?

The solution to the Dell

It’s due to a corrupt in windows 10 update. Resulting in a reinstall of the Windows 10 operating system.

Although the issue is that it had no networked connectivity or USB of the device where working.

So there was no way for me to install the KB hotfix onto the laptop.

So there was only one step I could take to rectify the issue, a complete reinstall of the operating system preserving the files, but to do this. We had to extract the genuine windows product key.

Once I extracted the key, We proceeded to install the latest build of Windows 10 x64 on to the laptop and after 40 minutes or so we were cooking on gas.

As always we proceeded to install all the bundle’s antivirus and other software that we install on all computers that come into Kingfisher, and restored all of the necessary personal files and information of the customer.

That the job was complete Another Happy customer.

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