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Cleaning up your Mac with CCleaner

Ever wondered in there was an easy way to clean up your mac? The Simple answer is CCleaner for mac, Get rid of all that unwanted junk from your mac now.

We’ve been using Ccleaner to clean for years on all our Windows Machines. CCleaner has been the standard in PC cleaner software for years. Apple Mac users can now enjoy the benefits that PC users have had for so long.
What can CCleaner mac do for your Apple mac;

  • Speed up your Computer.
  • Secure Browsing.
  • Fewer errors and Crashes.
  • Quicker Startup.
CCleaner Mac

What CCleaner Can do for your Mac

Faster Computer

Is your computer running slow? CCleaner can help by cleaning upc and deleting old unused files and settings that take-up. Macs love free disk space. Overtime your mac will collect data and settings. Like dust on your bedroom sideboard. CCleaner finds these files and Cleans them up thus speeding your mac up

Safer Browsing

Not only does CCleaner help clean up your mac. But its also make your grousing experience safe. Advertisers and websites track what you’re doing online with cookies, that remain on your computer after you’ve visited a website. CCleaner helps clean up your mac by deleting and clears your browsers to search history, cookies and cache so that your internet browsing experience will be as confidential as possible. It is helping your identity stay anonymous.

Quicker Startup

Your mac will have lots of programs running silently in the background of your apple mac. So when your mac starts, there will then fire up. Causing your mac to run slow

One of the fantastic features about CCleaner mac helps you clean and disable or delete these “startup clog’s”. Thus letting you work and play on your mac faster. Unneeded programs will not start.

Startup menu for a quicker startup in CCleaner

Reduce Clutter

Let CCleaner Cleans your Mac from old clutter. Ccleaner will clear up your macs temporary files, folders, broken permissions, recycle bin. And much more. With the Click Of a Button.

Analysis complete with Cleaning mac

If you're interested in Cleaning your Mac with CCleaner Visit

Have you ran CCleaner on your mac but it's still slow?

If your mac is still running slow perhaps it might need a service or an upgrade. This is something we can help you with. Why not have a look at our Repairs and upgrade pages. then get in touch.

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