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Brexit on Computer Repair

Brexit on Computer Repair: Brexit sent a widespread feeling of shock across the UK in 2016 when the British public voted against the United Kingdom staying in the EU on the 23rd June 2016.

As a result, shockwaves sent a ripple effect across the business world as it would affect a large number of various industries. 

Since then the pound has experienced a yoyo effect on its value, and shares values of some of the UK’s most prominent businesses have experienced the same volatile fluctuations.

They are thus creating widespread uncertainty and financial pressures on businesses in the UK .

Therefore resulting in some companies cutting costs to keep their head above water.

Prices of Parts Rise and Fall

We noticed a dramatic fluctuation in the cost of hardware

For example, one day, we would order graphics cards, memory, hard drives and other components.

Then on our next order, we would discover that prices would have increased by up to 30%.

An increase that we would naturally have to pass on to our customers. 

The biggest issue with a small business like Kingfisher Computers is that due to the volume of parts we order. We would generally expect the prices to stay roughly the same.

Therefore when quoting to customers, to our dismay and the customers, we discovered that we would find ourselves misinforming and providing incorrect quotes.

Telling a customer that the price we initially quoted signified increased by up to 20% isn’t adequate in a service-based industry, like IT Support and Computer repair.

Businesses are outsourcing IT Support.

Another effect due to Brexit, we discovered an increase in IT Support for issues related to internet connection issues, although the ISP’s provide FREE Support to their customers. 

It appears that a large percentage of these Internet service providers that provide Free IT support have outsourced their IT Support facilities to their call centres to the likes of India and elsewhere. 

Even google appeared to move their UK based call centres in Egypt.

Ironically we noticed a sudden increase in customers, that would call their ISP’s to take advantage of the Free IT Support, obviously provided as part of their packages.

But once these customers heard a none English dialect, they would be reluctant to continue with the calls.  

Especially prominent with older customers, that would even struggle with Support from a UK based call centre.

Thus the customers would then go local for their computer repair solutions as these outsourced call centres don’t appear to instil trust within the British public.

Customers would rather pay than be outsourced.

We might be throwing the ball way out the park.

But we discovered that, as we had an influx of customers that would sooner go to a local repair shop and pay for Support rather than use FREE IT support solutions provided by their Internet service providers.

We also noticed an increase in customers receiving fraudulent phone calls from scammers and hackers.

Trying to deceive customers into gaining access to computers and stealing valuable information and bank details.

All as an effect of companies cutting costs due to the fluctuation and uncertainty that Brexit may have caused.

BREXIT ON IT Support as a Whole.

Could Brexit increase IT Costs

As Freedom of movement between Europe and Britain becomes reduced, this will restrict the flow of IT experts into the UK, and outsourced talent pools decreased.

As a result, this could influence IT standards and Increase our homegrown IT Skilled professionals or increase automation processors.

Therefore IT professionals within the UK will receive higher wages and more demand because there will be less IT support experts entering from abroad. 

Companies who can’t afford local IT professionals or Support willbe forced to use local companies as a cost-effective solution.

But Companies may tend to make a closer move to cloud-based computer support infrastructures.

Indian Outsourced IT Support Companies

In the last decade, Indian IT companies have set up shop in the UK, although the effects from Brexit may force Indian IT companies to discontinue their contracts or charge more for their services.

Depending on the value of the British pound, if it becomes significantly devalued, UK Business will take the shortfall for some of these Indian outsourced companies, if agreements remain viable.

Large city-based businesses from the likes of London. Seeking IT Support solutions will look a bit closer to home, discovering smaller, British based IT, Support providers and partners. 

Although UK IT Support solutions may be more expensive, this will have a positive effect and impact the British economy.

But companies will benefit from things like:

  • English Speaking staff
  • Data and information stored in the UK
  • Actual Physical in-person meetings

Brexit: Increased Security Risks

The United Kingdom benefits from  EU legislation on data protection.

In the 21 century data and cyber service is a must-have requirement to UK Business. They must adhere and be vigilant to all security risks.

But post-Brexit the advantages of shared information and intelligence shared with the European countries will come to a stop.

If a business finds an alternative, IT support providers and partners, they will be able to migrate information. Although there will be significant risks and legal requirements.

Brexit Computer Repair Conclusion

As a whole Brexit will benefit the IT support and Computer Repair industry ad let smaller companies thrive within the UK.

In regards to outsourcing, outsources will need to adapt to the market changes. But as a who the UK need to take advantage of the more significant opportunities that Brexit will create.

The change will be met with resistance but implementing change can drive long term improvements for the United Kingdom as a whole.

Brexit on Computer Repair
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