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Best practice to secure passwords

Most people make the fatal mistake with passwords of using either simple memorable words that every man and his dog uses.

Such as a name followed by “123” or even something as simple as “password”!

If you do this, you are putting a lot of personal information at risk!

YES, your emails, icloud, social media (like twitter, facebook, tinder etc.) 


Secure your password.

My simple suggestion use information that isn’t relevant to you anymore, such as an old phone number or former address.

Things that aren’t linked to you anymore cannot be easily found out.

You can also make it more secure by adding uppercase letters and symbols like “!@£$%^&*()”. 

For example, you could have “!234543!”. It’s up to you what password you choose as long as you can remember it. You must remember what your password is, so at least make it, so you know what your password is.

Or you could use a PASSWORD GENERATOR that creates a unique password for you.


Our Advice.

What is like to do personally or what I suggest to clients or customer is a straightforward method.

Using an old phone number that has sat it the back of your mind, that possibly never going to go away.

But people don’t know or recognise anymore. Eg. our shop number is 0142928055

Therefore I would change this to Ol4292B09SS?

If you notice iv changed the numbers to a mix of upper and lower case letters, and added an ASCII character like “?”


So let's say you have heeded my advice, your passwords are never 100% safe and secure although my suggestions most certainly will help protect you and your personal information.

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