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Airpod Pro and the Apple buyers club.

Have you heard about the Airpod Pro? Not even the Apple buyers club have.

No many people have heard about the Airpods Pro? If you’ve not been on any social media today or not seen the news. You definitely haven’t heard about the Airpods pro.

Why haven't I heard about the Airpods Pro?

You haven’t heard about the Airpod pros. Because Apple out of nowhere suddenly released their newest product to the public last night. Yes just out of the blue. No warning, Not one product launch. Not even an event or announcement. Just simple launched them on their website and released a few videos of their new product. Very unusual for the technology giant.

Apple Airpod Pro "I wonder if they come in more than just white?"

What is the airpods pro?

They are apples newest development in the audio/headphone market. Obviously named the airpods pro. to go incline with the iPhone 11 Pro. “very original apple.”

It’s a bit pointless for me to be stating the features of the new Airpod Pros. I might as well show you apple video.

If you currently own a pair of AirPods here is the list of things the AirPods pro has that generation two airpods don’t (not that it makes sense);

  • Active noise cancellation.
  • Audio Transparency mode.
  • IPX4 water/sweat resistance.
  • Adaptive EQ.

Working late last night as I always do. Been a proper computer geek. Working on the kingfisher computers website and other bits and bobs, while watching Joe Rogan and Neil Tyson Degrass on youtube.

It was about 2 am, and when it finished, I noticed a new video from apple.

The new “air pod pro”

Now I want them. So let me tell you my headphone issues if you’re interested.

I have been in the market for a new pair of headphones for a while. 

When the original air pods came out, that I’m sure was about Christmas 20-16 or 2017. I purchased a pair as I’m an apple sucker.

Then has them for about a week and LOST them. By the way, I lose everything.

Maybe the other reason I lost them is that I have the smallest ears in the northeast. I would say the world, but I very much doubt it.

When I say small I mean small, they are like something like lord of the rings, yes elf ears.

So the struggle that I had with the air pods was that they didn’t quite fit in my ears, and if I could manage to get them to fit in after about 20minutes. I would get a pounding headache, I’m guessing from pressure.

But as I’m an Apple groupie, I got the air pods because of the “Apple buyers club”. 

Airpod Pro's in ear design

Yes, that’s what us people in the apple buyers club do. We buy the latest Apple product on release. Yes, I know its sad and apple have us by the balls.

Notice the pun to the Dallas buyers club movie. proud of that one 

And yes as I’m a pathetic member of the apple buyers club. I do have the iPhone 11 and an apple watch and a MacBook and an iMac and 2ipads. So the marketing machine at Apple does have some success stories. 

So after forking out a small fortune, gaining a headache from the darn air pods and them lasting in my possession as a week. That’s how long as it takes me to empty a jar of coffee the kingfisher office (1 week)

I decided to buy some beats, and these where beautiful. 

Apple Buyers Club

Alternatives to the Airpods

Trust me these are cheap but amazing, at least half the price of the apple air pods. And guess what? They fitted in my ears. 

To my amazement, they had interchangeable earbuds, including super odd small ones for the freak like ears like mine. And these changeable ear pubs sizes, actually have little speakers built into them, yes they are not just latex or rubber buds.

And for people like me that loose everything. (they should be a find my headphones invention) They would wrap around your neck like a neckless and stuck together when you weren’t using them, obviously with the speaker magnets.

Importantly, for any music enthusiast, they sounded great. The battery lasted days. The Bluetooth connection between my iMac, iPhone and Apple watch would all work seamlessly with them. I could flit between the device to device, call to call so easy and yet so simple. The perfect solution. For a geek like me.


Guess what happened next. The inevitable happened. Yes, I lost my beats x’s as well.

If you find a pair of these drop them into Kingfisher Computers

So back to the point. Last night I watched the hypnotizing apple advert for the apple airport pros. Now I want them.

For the exact reason, I disliked the original air pods. These could fit in my ears. 

Yes, the air pods have interchangeable ear adapters. But this wasn’t the sales pitch for me. It was the way they cancel noise out to listen to music. Or to cut the music out to hear a crucial alert without the need to take your air pods out your ears.

I know they are small little white things. And there probably is a high likelihood that ill lose them. They also cost a shit load of money, that will potentially go down the drain. 

But what can I say? I’m a success story for apple marketing campaigns. That’s why I’m a member of the Apple buyers club.

Airpods Pro Price?

£249.00 Whats your thoughts?

Now let’s talk the price. Apple is releasing the airport pros on October 30th 2019. With the whopping price of £249. But woohoo they do give free engraving. Not that you’d want it. But come to think of it I’m sure that was the original release price of the original apple air pod 1’s, and then they got reduced to £160. But don’t quote me on that.

Reviews on Airpod Pro

After I knew apple had requested my apple buyers club card. Out once again. I thought its time I check my old mate. Lou from Unboxtherapy, on youtube. To see if he had any updates, on the apple air pod pros.


A second opinion from the beautiful Justine from the youtube channel iJustine. Its always good to get a second opinion right?

But after finding and watching several review videos. In the early hours of the morning. I did a little digging. A little google here, youtube there and found my self on the apple website once again. 

To buy or not to buy?

That is the Airpod Question.

Pondering would these be a good buy? Or should I get the cheaper alternative the beats X. I know they work. I know I loved them and they’re cheap.

If you are a member of the Apple buyers club then. Yes, they are for you. If not. Lets weight up the balance from a product I know about. the Beats X.

Beats VS Airpods Pro?


Benefits of Beats X

  • Produced by apple so uses the same technology. obviously an older tech than the air pod pro, but still the same
  • Lightning cable charging.
  • Long battery life.
  • The microphone sits on the neck.
  • Necklace design reduces the chance of falling out or loss.
  • Fits in ears.
  • Cheaper.
  • Easy user control.
  • Great audio quality.
  • 8 hours of battery life.

Benefits of Airpod Pro

  • New fancy, great looking tech.
  • Have them before anyone else.
  • Great battery life 24 hours with charge case.
  • Fits in ears.
  • True wireless.
  • Convenient and seamless use with iOS
  • Great audio quality.
  • No control, only Siri and double-tap use
  • Fast charge 15 minutes = 3 hours use.
  • Wireless charging
  • Software that checks the fit and feel

Why Apple Airpods are so popular?

Are the Apple Airpods a good buy?

I’m not sure yet because they aren’t available to the public.

But what I can tell you, It looks like I’m popping to the apple store tomorrow, to see if there’s any. Apple air pod pros, On display to try out before I jump feet first into the apple buyers club.

Are you a Member of the Apple Buyers Club?

Do you own an Apple Device?

is your device having problems? do you need repairs or help with your Apple Device? Maybe its an iMac or a Macbook that needs support? iPhone or iPad let us help.

Have you read some of our other articles?

Do you enjoy this article?

Please tell me what you think? is there anything iv missed our anything I should add?

Should I buy some Apple Airpod Pros? What’s your thoughts. Leave a Comment below.

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