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Do you need a repair on your Apple device?


We love Apple too.

At Kingfisher, we've been using Apple devices for well over two decades, we were one of the first companies in the North East and the only company in Hartlepool to fully support and repair Apple products. If you come into our office, I can guarantee you'll see our engineers working away on the in-store iMacs, you might notice our engineers using their own iPhones to update our social media pages! We care for our Apple products and understand how amazing they are, that's how passionate we are about caring for them, just like you. You know your device is in safe, and capable hands with our expert engineers.

So, your Apple device needs a repair?

Have you been to the Apple Store?


Let me guess what happened;

You went to the Apple store, or did you book an appointment with an Apple Genius online?  You then took time out from your busy day to go to the Apple store. Did you have a coffee and wait for your Appointment. You walk into the apple store. It's just a fantastic experience. All that beautiful. Captivating, innovative technology.  At this point, you're glad you're an Apple customer. Because of your part of something. Something that changed the world as we know it did. Yeah, that's Apple. There are no questions about it. "Apple did change the world with their technology". Then it's your turn. The apple Genius wants to see you. The first thing they ask you is. Have you backed up your device? You answer honestly. Then the Apple Genius books your Apple device and takes your details. The Apple Genius looks around it, with confidence to begin your repair, because they've seen a thousand customers just like you. 

Did Apple give you bad news?

Then out of nowhere, the Apple Genious pulls a peculiar face. They have to take it out the back to do some further testing and checks.

What comes next shocks you. The Apple Genius prepares you for the worst then informs you of one of these scenarios;

  • Sorry, there is nothing we can do. Unless you have Apple Care.
  • As a result, Your Apple device is unfixable.
  • They cant Repair your Apple device because its too old and they don't support that model anymore (yet you've only owned it a few years).
  • They quote a ridiculous amount of money, costing the earth to repair your Apple device.


Why not book your Apple device in for repair.


Did Apple give you a sales pitch?

After the Apple Genius conveniently informs you that not all hope is lost if you've got a backup of all your data. You can buy a new Apple device to get you back up and running in no time. They will transfer and set it all up for you. In other words, it's easier and better for Apple to sell you something new rather than repair your Apple device. But in the back of your mind, your thinking; "I haven't owned my apple device for that long", you're happy with what you own, and you don't want to buy something new. after all that. You're there to get a repair on your Apple device. For that reason, You're not prepared to break into the bank and buy something new. "Why should I this isn't even that old."

Have you lost faith in Apple?

As a result. Do you feel like you just wasted your time and EFFORT? Have you lost a full day, trying to get your Apple repaired? Have you just spent your time and effort for nothing? For that reason. Do you now feel disappointed and let down by Apple?

The solution, we have your back!

Our team at Kingfisher Computers understand that Apple devices are expensive and precious. We love ours too. In conclusion, after Apple has let you down, and now you feel disheartened and lost trust in Apple. Have faith. We've seen so many customers in that exact scenario.

That's where we come in. We can repair most Apple devices. 

Book Appointment NOW!

We're not Apple Geniuses.

But we are Apple Experts.

We know our apples, so you don't have to.

If you need your Apple device repairing, you've come to the right place. in addition;

  • You don't need Apple care.
  • Our repairs don't cost the earth. 
  • We won't turn you away without a solution.
  • Our repairs are on average 50% cheaper than Apple.
  • If you don't need a new Apple product we won't sell you one.
  • FREE Diagnosis of your Apple repair.
  • Old Apple products - We support and repair them too.
  • FREE Remote support.
  • All repairs are guaranteed.
  • FREE AntiVirus on ALL Apple repairs.

Above all, we have a friendly and helpful team of technicians that are willing to help you.

Firstly they speak a language that you understand. Secondly and most importantly our team are prepared to help with most Apple problems and repairs. So you don’t need to worry anymore.

There is no reason to go anywhere else

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We can repair your

iMac Repairs

iMac on the blink? Don’t freak out yet. Our Apple experts can Repair your Apple iMac no matter the issue. Has it stopped booting? Is it Running slow? Do you have a Virus on your iMac? We’ll diagnose, fix, and return your iMac in no time.

MacBook Repairs

We repair the full range of Apple MacBooks If you've got a problem with your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. You're at the right place. Have you broken your screen? Has it stopped charging up or it isn't booting into macOS? We can repair your MacBook. No Problem.

iPad Repairs

Have the kids dropped your iPad or is that the excuse? Is the screen not working anymore. Can't you see anything or you cant enter your passcode to get into your iPad? Is it not charging or it's stuck on the Apple logo? Without difficulty, our Apple experts can Repair your Apple iPad.

iPhone Repairs

These days phones have practically become like an extra body part to us. We use them first thing in the morning, before bed and even when you go to the toilet. Having a broken iPhone is like losing an Arm. Have you smashed your screen? Is it not charing anymore? Not to worry, our Apple experts can have it repaired and back to you in no time.

Upgrade your MAC

Is your Apple iMac or Macbook going slow? Have you tried a fresh install or cleaned up your Mac. You are still finding that your iMac or Macbook is still slow.Sometimes all your Apple mac needs is a hardware upgrade. So do you want a faster system? Upgrades can increase the performance of your computer. No end.


Would you like your Apple device repairing?

Fill in the form to arrange for one of our engineers to give you some advice or a FREE estimate. 

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