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Software Installtion!

There are so many kinds of software out these days. But all share one thing in common. All software installations need to be setup.

The problem with software installation and setup is it can be stressful for anyone that isn’t techy.

You no longer have to worry about how you’re going to perform the software installation you need.

Whatever the software is that you need. No matter what you’re doing. You’re going to need software installation suited for that task. 

Are you editing photos? Producing and editing videos for the family or youtube? Are you productive in the office? 

Doing designs or engineering. Or building and using computer-aided design (CAD) in the office.

Understand? There are several types of software, but the main two are.

System software. Like the operating system. (Windows 7, Windows 10, Apple macOS, or even Linux Redhat or ubuntu.

These types run and manage your computer’s hardware. They also enable your computer to run other software. Manage your files and contain utilities to maintain your machine.

The second is application software that is most commonly known these days as an app. These applications are used to correctly run and execute tasks like creating documents, spreadsheets or databases. Letting your view and browse the internet. It is known as a browser. There are soo many tasks a computer can handle these days and even more apps to handle these tasks. 


We are here to Help?

As a result, several factors need taking into consideration. That we can help with.

  • Compatability
    Before any software gets installed to a computer. The compatibility for the software that’s getting installed needs to be determined. Its to make sure that the machine has the correct hardware to enable the software to runs, as it should. Our technicians can make sure that the software you want is compatible with your computer’s hardware. 

  • Installation & Configuration
    If your computer meets the required specifications. For the software that you want to install. We will install the software for you. As a result of a successful installation. We will even configure the software for you to make sure it’s as easy as possible to use.


  • Updates
    These days even out of the box software will require updates. Developers of programs and applications. Often release regular updates to ensure all bugs and problems are ironed out. Giving the users of the software the best experience possible. Our engineers will do all this for you as problems can occur with updates causing problems.


  • Make applications accessible
    Lots of programs these days aren’t necessarily available from the get-go. We will make sure that your program is visible and ready to use.

  • Showing you how to use the application
    Don’t worry. We won’t send you on your way after software installation. We will take the time to show you how to use the program to the best of our ability. Ensuring that your comfortable to learn how to use the program your self. With the training wheels off.

Business Software Install

Businesses that don't have their own IT department. Need not worry; we also provide software installations for businesses.

Do you need accounting software installing? Or a more complex systems like servers or programs like CAD. We can help. We are ensuring that your business, computers and software. Run as smooth as possible, and you don’t get a headache.


Can We

the answer is Simple. Yes!

We encounter people and businesses in your situation. needing a software install day in and day out. so your not alone. But you’re now in safe hands.

We out technicians are all highly trained and along with their expertise. we have developed in-house utilities to help with any installations. To get your computer software running.

So rest assured. that no matter what you require for a software installation. we are more than capable of fulfilling your requirements.

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