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Did you know you can run Microsoft Windows on your Apple Mac?

Did you hear that correctly? Yes, you heard it right! Or should I say? Yes, you read that, right! You can run Windows on a Mac.

Would you like to Running Windows on Apple Mac? But first, let me guess your situation?

Have you suddenly bought an Apple iMac or Macbook from the Apple store? Because a friend told you they are amazing? You’ve pooped along to the Apple Store, and you were wowed by how impressive they are and look. Then an Apple genius demonstrated all you can do and how easy it all looked. 

Then you’ve decided to purchase one, parted with hand fulls of cash to buy the Apple iMac or Macbook. 

You’ve taken it home. Unboxed it. Sat and stared at it in awe of its beauty and amazed by its simplicity and innovation of technology. 

Then you realised its not windows. Everything the Apple genius showed you, you can’t seem to work out. 

iMac Running Windows 10

You can’t seem to get used to using the Apple operating system MacOS. You’ve endured for weeks after week. Trying to get used to Apple’s operating system. but it’s just not for you

If you listen to me, “I assure you if you persevere. You will get used to Apple MacOS. Then there is no going back to Microsoft Windows.”

But unfortunately, we are in the now. And in the present Apples, MacOS isn’t for you. You liked Windows, and that’s what you prefer.

Your Not Stuck With MacOS.

Did you like windows? But now you think you’re stuck with using Apple macOS?. You’re wrong, and you don’t have to use Apples macOS.

You can install Windows on your Apple iMac or Macbook.

Your Not stuck With MacOS 🙂

You can even use them both at the same time or choose one or the other.

Are you interested? Do I have your attention? Thought so!

How can I use Windows on my Mac?

So you want to use windows on your iMac or Macbook. 

Let me tell you. If you want Microsoft Windows on your Mac. Two options will enable you to run Microsoft Windows on an Apple Mac;

Running Windows on Mac Using Bootcamp

Running Windows on Apple Mac Windows 7 MacBook

Bootcamp is a piece of software integrated into Apple MacOS, that enables you to run Microsoft Windows Operating systems on your Mac. Not many people know about this.

But let me quickly give you the gist of it. Back in 2006 when MacOS was called Apple OSX. The actual release was called OsX 10.5 Leopard. 

Considering 2006 in computing or technology is like 100 years ago, comparing to recent technology. Ancient times.

Anyhow Apple in cooperation Microsft developed software that would allow Apple mac users to run Microsoft Windows on the specific intel based apple hardware. Then boot camp was born. Before this, if you own a Mac, you could only use Apple software.

Boot Camp OS Choice Windows or Mac

What does Bootcamp Do?

When you use boot camp, it created a partition (section) on your hard disk for windows to run on. Then it gives your Mac the ability to install Microsoft Windows (Any Verison Windows 7 or Windows 10 etc.) on that part of your hard drive. Then you can either have only windows on your Mac or Both Micorosft Windows and Apple MacOS.

If you decide you want both, you can even choose to boot to Windows or MacOS on Bootup.

Windows Virtual Machine on a Mac.

A virtual machine is simply a piece of software that simulated (pretends) that it is a computer within a computer. Sound complicated?

Think of it like this. Imagine a Window on your computer, within that window is Windows, you can click on that window, and within there you can use windows and all its features. That’s a virtual machine.

What virtual machine can I use?

There are so many virtual machines on the market. From Parallels Desktop for MacVMware Fusion or VirtualBox

Trust me iv tried them all. But I would advise on using parallels.

Why Parallels?

Parallels are packed full of features. When I mentioned earlier about using windows at the same time, you can you macOS.

You can do it in Windowed mode. Like as I describe Microsoft Windows Running in a Window.

Or with Parallels very own Coherence mode.

With coherence mode, it merely merges Windows and Mac. Together! You won’t be able to tell if you’re using a mac or a pc. It is amazing. 

All your apps are available to use from windows on your Mac, Asif you’re using a mac. But its Windows! All your documents or executable files. Run in the same fashion. But I assure you this is something you have to try. It’s like the next level in Computing. All the benefits of an Apple Mac and all the Features of a PC all rolled into one Computer.

Video From Parallels Desktop Demonstrating Parallels

Benefits of Parallels

The other benefits of parallels in comparison. To other virtual machines. Its stable doesn’t crash, Doesn’t slows your computer down. It regularly updates. 

You can share files quickly and seamlessly between Mac and windows. You can even plug in your devices, and they install just like using a Windows Desktop PC.

So if you liked this article, you now know what many others don’t know. You can run Microsoft Windows on your Apple iMac or Macbook.

Windows 10 Running on Mac on Parallels
Windows 7 Running on Apple Mac in Parallels

Would you like Windows on your Mac?

We can install Windows on your Apple MacBook or iMac.

Check our our Apple Repairs Page

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