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RIP Windows 7: More than half of UK businesses in danger.

Since Yesterday (14th January 2020) more than half of UK businesses are in danger due to Microsoft ended its support for Windows 7. 

Still, now as many as over half, 66% have yet to complete their upgrade and migration from the operating system.

This is according to a report from Kollective an enterprise content delivery firm. 

More than half of businesses are in danger due to Windows 7 end of life

Kollective found that 40% of businesses in the US and a staggering 

66% of companies in the United Kingdom have yet to upgrade or migrate their operating systems in the run up to 14th January 2020.

Those businesses that decide to remain on Windows 7 after 14th January 2020 will be at risk of threats from cyber-attacks from hackers.

Although microsoft is offering large corporations, the ability to extend support for significant sums of money, in the case of large enterprises with over 10,000 devices or more microsoft will be charging 1.4 million dollars a year.

 Dan Vetras, Cheif executive officer of Kollective, made a statement yesterday, saying:

 “With Windows 7 now dead, these findings should be a significant cause for concern within the enterprise. With many businesses missing the deadline to migrate to Windows 10, there could be some shocks in store as we go into the new year.

Those unprepared will potentially need to pay millions of dollars a year for extended support – but this is just the first step. Once businesses have migrated to Windows 10, they will need to continuously update their systems as part of Microsoft’s new ‘Windows as a Service’ model.

This means distributing increasingly frequent updates across their systems, more rollouts and more network congestion – something many IT departments will find impossible due to outdated infrastructure. If businesses fail to keep up with this rapid pace of change, they put themselves at serious risk of cyberattack.

With the deadline now passed. future-proofing organisations for Windows 10. and future ‘as a service’ operating systems should be a number one priority – not just for IT teams, but for business leaders everywhere.”

If you would like to read more visit;

Is your business one of the “more than half of businesses”. In the UK that is affected by the Windows 7 end of life?

IF you are effected here is some advice on what to do next following the Windows 7 End of life.

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