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Problem PC? We’ll solve it. Kingfisher Computers are who you call. When your desktop runs slow and your programs stop working. From corrupted hard drives. To infected machines, we are your personal army of tech-savvy geeks.


Computer Won’t Turn On

It's a scary thing when your Windows computer won't turn on at all. You press the power button and nothing happens at all. No beeps, clicks, clunks or whirs. Light on the monitor is on, but your computer is dead. Then immediately you think. "Have I lost all my data, Pictures etc". Don’t panic! We are here to help. you're in safe hands.


Viruses / Spyware

Viruses can cause lots of problems with your computer. but there are many different types of viruses. From the good old virus. to Spyware, adware, malware, trojans. each one place a different role. From maliciously damaging your computer, causing your computer to run slow. Inundating you with ads and pop-ups to stealing your information. Modern-day viruses, if you are infected are difficult to remove. that's where Kingfisher Computers come in. If you think you're a victim to a malicious virus. Its time you arranged a callout with one of our engineers.


Computer Fails To Start

Your computer failing to boot can happen all a sudden. Without any visible cause. Sometimes your computer begins to load. But after some time stops responding and hangs during start up. This problem that can happen for many reasons.


Blue Screen of Death

Have you just turned your computer on, then all of a sudden a Blue Screen appears? Covered in loads of jargon that you just don't understand. Or have you been working on your computer or surfing the internet? Then out of nowhere. a Blue screen had appeared telling you that your computer has run into problems and needs to shut down. This can be serious. but not to worry. Simply book an appointment with one of our engineers.


Computer Freezing / Restarting

Is your computer freezing This can happen for many reasons? It could be software problems with your Microsoft Windows Operating system. It could be because of a Virus, Trojan, Spyware. Or some rouge adware that your computer has caught from somewhere. causing the system to become unstable. Sometimes when this happens Windows restarts itself to prevent future issues. If this is the dilemma your facing. its time you made an appointment to see one of our engineers.


Overheating & Noisy

Heat is a component of all computer hardware. Cooling is very important when it comes to computers. Keeping hardware running cool can affect the performance of your computer. Sometimes the fans can get blocked with common household dust. making the fans loud and noisy. then when air can't flow through your computer keeping everything cool. your computer may begin to crash. this can reduce the life of your computer. or even worse burn your computer out!


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Computer Too Slow

Is your computer taking forever to start-up or shut down. Are you waiting a lifetime to open a document? Or for the websites you want to load. Its that bad you can't even check your mail. do you keep getting warning messages saying, unresponsive? Do you keep powering off your PC in hope that next time it starts it's faster? Sounds familiar? It's a big annoyance when you need to wait for the computer to do a simple task. Often this happens to older PC’s but this can happen to new computers too. If it's happening to you. You're at the right place.


Computer Upgrades

Is your computer going slow? Have you tried a fresh install or cleaned up your computer. Still finding that your computer slow. Sometimes all your computer needs is a hardware upgrade. There are lots of types of upgrades. Like RAM Upgrades: This increase the number of tasks you can do at once. Hard Drive upgrades: Increase the amount of storage on your computer. SSD Upgrades: Increase the speed of your computer by up to 10 times. Processor upgrades: Increase the speeds of your computer. and the rate in which it performs tasks. There are so many upgrades. Too many to mention. Interested in an Upgrade. Why not call in and discuss your upgrade options with one of our engineers.


Screen Doesn’t Show Anything

You turn on your computer. You can hear the power and the startup beep. it sounds like Windows is starting to load, but your screen doesn’t show anything or “no signal found”. This can happen for many reasons. have you recently moved your computer? it could be a loose cable. so check your cables. one might be loose. if you have a spare screen. Try that. But your screen not coming on doesn't always mean its the screen or cables. You could have a faulty graphics card. It could be some other hardware problem with your computer. If you've tried your cables with no success. then its time you booked an appointment with one of our engineers.


Windows Update Fails

Windows Updates are important. Because they can help protect you from viruses and security vulnerabilities. They can help stop Windows faults. That can cause your computer to lose all your important files, photos and documents. Sometimes trying to protect your computer with updates. Can cause the issues that you're trying to prevent. Very often we get customers into our store. That have tried to update their computer and failed. Then come across a major fault or an update fail. Suddenly Finding they are unable to use boot up or even get into their computer.


Keyboard, Mouse or Printer Doesn’t Work

Problem with peripherals like your mouse, keyboard or printer can happen out of the blue. Yesterday your printer, mouse or keyboard was working fine. You've turned your computer on today and now your printer, mouse or keyboard ain't working at all. In most cases, this problem can be a driver issue. First of all, try to connect your non-working peripherals to another USB port. This can reload original drivers and sometimes this helps to repair minor faults. If that fails to work you could have some faulty hardware. If none of your peripherals connected through USB. Are working this could be a motherboard fault or Windows issue. If the new port trick doesn't work. It looks like a visit to kingfisher computers is on the cards.


Windows Fresh Installs / Upgrades

Are you using an earlier version of windows? Like Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7? Or even the worst Microsoft Windows version in history Windows 8. Are you wanting to upgrade to Windows 10? Or are you worried that the Windows 7 Support is coming to its end of life? Or do you want a completely fresh install of Windows? Also known as a format. and start your operating system from fresh. like when your computer was out of the box new. No matter if it's an operating system upgrade or fresh install yours after. we can do this for you. Worried about losing your data. that's, not a problem. We can transfer all your precious photos and documents for you.

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