macOS Catalina - Should you upgrade now?

October 12, 2019

macOS Catalina - Should you upgrade now?

Apple has just released its newest versions to the macOS operating system lineup.

macOS 10.15 Catalina Is now available for you to download from the app store.

Apple macOS 10.15 Catalina has finally released to the public. Should you upgrade to macOS Catalina now? Or Do hold off for a little while for the until the bugs are fixed?

Apple macOS Catalina 10.15
It is meaning if your an Apple iMac or MacBook user that is currently using. MacOS Mojave, this means you can run Catalina. Those that iMacs or MacBooks are too old and not compatible enough to run Mojave. I'm sorry, but you won't be able to use Catalina.

But the underlying question is! Should you rush to upgrade your MacBook or iMac to MacOS Catalina. OR should you wait until the Glitches are ironed out?

Problems with New releases. WAIT!

Let the hardcore Apple Enthusiasts and groupies. Deal with the headaches and frustrations.

Well, to start this off. I have been using Catalina since the beta version. Up to the public release. I had high hopes for every release, but the glitches just seemed to return. Then when the public release came out. I thought "yippee, at last, a bug-free version" oh how I was wrong. Personally, it was too glitchy for me. I would have issues with using browser programs such as chrome, safari. I would use them, and they would either crash unexpectedly or freeze. Especially when I'm trying to watch Netflix or Youtube, as I am avid, watcher of youtube, the level of frustration it caused me, "Was through the roof".
If you just want your mac to just work? Don't Upgrade Yet!

Overall Performance.

The overall performance of MacOS Catalina was horrific for me. Surprising when apple announced that to would be up to 30% faster than Mojave "my arse". I'm guessing they pulled these benchmarks out of the air as a sales pitch. I had also read loads of articles and blogs referring to Catalina to see if anyone else was experiencing the same threshold of issues. I was dealing with and the arguments where balance. Some were saying its working fine, others saying it wasn't. So then I thought? Is it my iMac. So I installed MacOS Catalina to my 2015 Apple MacBook Pro. Then I found it wasn't my iMac or me. It was in-fact MacOS Catalina. should have probably codenamed "Glitchalina."
First Setting up in Catalina! It's renowned to crash here!

Anymore MacOS Updates

However, it's likely that apple with be releasing updates over the next few days or weeks, once the public release gets hugely into circulation. So apple will then be capable of identifying and rectify these glitches or issues. On the whole, as reports will come flooding in by the masses.

So! If you're like me and get frustrated by Glitches and instabilities.

Id suggest. You'd better NOT download Catalina today.

Because you are only going to get frustrated, then in several weeks. You're going to need to download more updates. "they will likely be huge, in file size."

Conclusion on macOS Catalina

Hold off upgrading to MacOS Catalina for a little while.  As the public release was being as bad on the beta, iv since revered back to Mojave on both my MacBook and iMac from MacOS Catalina aka Glitchlina. Until such time a major update is released. There's no rush anyhow. Catalina will be there waiting for you. in the app store. But if you do want to try it. Be advised, "try at your own risk". Just don't forget to do a backup. If you WANT Catalina but need to know if your should FRESH install or UPGRADE?

We have written an article click the button below to read more about upgrading or fresh installing macOS Catalina.

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Article written by Darren Waggott

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