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Error 53: Importance of Genuine Apple Parts.

Apples Controversial Error 53.

You might have seen in the press lately about apples controversial error 53.

Whereas if you don’t use genuine apple parts your phone may become unusable after any updates.


Error 53 has been know for a while

Well to be quite honest even though this has only been in the press lately, we know this for quite some time.

Although to be quite reasonable, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with what Apple has done. Thus “Error 53: Importance of Genuine Apple” Parts.

I always urge my customer to use genuine parts, although they might seem to be slightly more expensive than the local Asian phone shop.

They do ensure the customer gets what they require from an expensive piece of equipment such as the iPhone.

Let be honest you don’t go out and spend thousands upon thousands on a decent sports car and use cheap tyres. do you?

Using Cheap parts causes the error 53

Well apple is just securing that their product users don’t get competitive, tacky Pakistani, Indian or chines replica parts

so to be quite honest if you have ever been a victim of cheap parts.

You will have discovered that over several months you will have needed your phone screen replacing more than once, yes you dropped it.


It smashed of even the slightest impact and then you were wondering, “the original screen I could have thrown across the room. It wouldn’t take this much damage” YES that’s because you had your phone fitted with tack.

Benefits of using Genuine Parts;

  • Have a warranty.
  • Durable (strong).
  • The product remains a high standard.
  • Battery won’t set fire.
  • Life of Battery “won’t last an hour”.
  • You can perform updates.

So let’s face it do we think there is anything wrong with what Apple has done. 

Most certainly not, I always explain to my customer that we are more expensive than other shops, that’s just being honest, but why? Because we use decent quality, genuine parts.

For example iPhone 6 screen replacements we charge £86 for the screen, yes that’s the same price as the apple store, plus £14 fitting and why. 

Because of whats the pint in doing an Asian trick and using £10 screens and charing the earth, the whole idea in business is to ensile loyalty and trust in your customer.

Or that’s what I was always taught.

Price vs Quality.

WHY does marks and sparks (marks and sponsors) or waitress still exist when that’s overpriced food? 

Because of the Quality, and you can beat the quality.

If your the type of person that would rather save a few quid now, but I assure you that you will need it doing again and again and end up spending more.

Then that’s not really the right way to go about things, is it! And i hope persons or customers like this get their fingers burnt and learn the hard way.

A few reads I found on the web although I don’t really agree with them it’s worth a read.


Apple Error 53: Importance of Genuine Apple Parts;

Error 53 Apple iPhone Software update makes handsets worthless.

iPhone software update handset worthless third party repair Error 53 apple

Apple says iPhone error 53 is to protect customers security

Like I said earlier we discovered error 53 a few days after ios9 was released although at the time apple did not announce what the error code was in reference to, although personally, I knew straight away what the issue was, and to be fair we have a fix for this.

but just to correct my hunch all them months ago I did do a bit of research like any other geek and found this great youtube video by Louis Rossman.

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