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Home Networking

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Home Networking

Once upon a time. Networks in the home. Where in the realm of technophiles.
Back then, most families either didn’t need or couldn’t afford more than one computer.
In those days! The only for of networking you had in your home was from your modem or router. That was used to connect you to the internet.

In recent years most homes have more than one device in it. And most homes have an internet connection. If your home has an internet connection, it’s very likely that your internet service provider (ISP) has provided you with a router. The role of the router is to enable devices on that home internet connection to share data and talk to each other.

Networking Connection Types




A wirelss network will enable you to connect to your ISP's Router. Connecting you to the internet without the need for cabled! But the downside to wirless can be signal strenth and transfer speed.




A wired network lets your devices to connect to each other via a cabled solution. the downside to this is that. your device must have an ehternet port. and that device must be near the wired ethernet cable. But wired cable is much faster.


Access Points (Range Extender)

What an Access point does is, listen then rebroadcast your wireless signal to areas of your home where signals are weak. Increasing your signal strength. Think of it like shouting a message to a friend, then they shout it to another friend down the hall. But


Home Plugs (Powerline)

Powerline can be a mix of wired and wireless. the difference being that the powerline home plug will need connecting at one end to your internet router. then plugged into your homes main electricity feed. the power line adapter will then use your homes electrical circuits to make a wired network.

What can i do in my Home Network?

As long as your device has the capability to connect to the network. Then you can do lots of things in your  home network;

  • Share (Files, Documents, Pictures)
  • Listen (To music Stored elsewhere)
  • Watch ( Stream Movies or Videos )
  • Print (Send documents from any device)
  • Order (Order Food, Toiletries or groceries)
  • Be Smart (connect smart Appliances like CCTV)

What Devices can Connect to my Home Network? 

You can connect any device with WIFI or Ethernet

Home Networking and computers. Are used for so much more than and just used for email, use for schoolwork, shopping, Social networking downloading music and videos and playing games.

For many families, one computer or device is no longer enough to go around. That’s why it’s essential to have an excellent reliable home network. In a household with multiple computers in a home, a home network often becomes a necessity, rather than a technical toy.

A home network is simply a method of allowing computers. And devices to communicate with one another. If you have two or more computers in your home, a network system can let them share.

Below is a list of Devices and their uses in home networking;

Desktop / Laptop

With all modern computers, you can connect via wireless or ethernet connection. Giving you the ability to share documents you’ve been working. Family photos you’ve been editing. Videos and movies and much more.

Shared Printing

Have a printer in the house? Is it Wireless or Ethernet Enabled.
If it is you can easily print documents or pictures from anywhere in the house. As long as you connect to your network, from your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. If your Printer isn’t Wireless or ethernet enabled. It’s still possible to allow your Printer to print from a network via a computer.

Home Backup / Storage

There are many solutions these days that enable you to back all your devices up in one place. Meaning you can have heaven for all your Photos, Music libraries, Videos and Documents.
These are known as a NAS (Network-attached Storage).
An alternative to NAS is Media Servers. Although in Recent years NAS’s have the added capability to become media Services

Home Entertainment

Music / Speaker Systems

If you have a network-enabled entertainment system.
You can listen to music in your music library. Where ever you are in the house as long as your speakers connect to the network. Usually, your music library will store on a NAS Storage device or a desktop computer with your music library set to enable music sharing.

Smart Televisions

Smart TV’s these days are usually network enabled. Enabling users to use streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video and more. But you can also share and stream content from within your network. Where it’s on your phone, PC, Laptop or a Network Storage Device.


Consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 or Xbox, are all networked enabled. Thus meaning you can use the internet, share music and even stream from device to device.

Home Appliances

Over the last ten years, home appliances have joined the internet revolution. Now every device in the kitchen can be connected to your come network and be connected to the internet. so you can control them from your mobile phone when you’re not even home

Central Heating – making sure it’s on and warm when you return home from work

Washing Machines. – Put the washing in but forgot to turn the machine on, now you can turn the washing machine on when you’re not even home

Fridge / Freezer. – Make sure you’re running the optimal temperature. Or want to make a shopping list and order food from the shops when your low you can do this with a smart fridge freezer.


Home Network-enabled security devices;
Door Bells – If someone calls around your home, but you’re not in, your doorbell can notify you on your phone. And even show you or let you speak to the person at your door.

CCTV – Connect and view your home from your phone from anywhere in the world

Alarm Systems – Be notified when an intruder enters your home.




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