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Why you should clean up your computer and give it free space?

Would you leave the bins full in your kitchen? Then why do it on your Computer?

Did you know that keeping your Computer clean and leaving plenty of free space.

Has so many benefits that you probably don’t realise?

That’s why it’s essential to keep your Computer clean and give it FREE space?

So what are the benefits of free space;

Why is free space an advantage?

As simple as i can.

Think back to when you were a child. Did you have a toy box, full to the brim of toys? 

Then one day, your mother decided to get rid of the toys that you didn’t play with anymore. How much easier was it to find the toys that you want to play with?


If you can’t remember being a child, replace that analogy, with socks in your sock drawer. And the wife has cleaned out all the socks with holes in! Now can find the good socks, without changing toes popping through the ends.

What do Toys and Sock have to do with Keeping my Computer Clean?

The less information (toys or sock) your Computer has stored on it, 

the faster and more efficient your Computer is at finding that information and doing what it needs to do, for that task is hard.

Back to the Free space sock analogy

Your Computer is wasting less time searching through the sock drawer. So it can just put its computer-like hand in, pull them socks out then put the socks as fast as possible.

The data is the sock, your hand being the Computer and then putting the sock on being that task.

computer socks

So having more Free space is better? 

After my sock analogy id like to say yes, but the simple answer is it’s not as simple as that.

Having less information or organising your data will make your computer so much faster. But with the large hard drives of today. Things do have more factors to play with

The less information your Computer has, the faster your computer can find and process that information. Correct 

Although having a clean computer is essential, this doesn’t mean your computer will run slow. Confused?

So if you have a Huge 8TB hard drive, but its 50% full (4TB Used up). Will, your Computer, run slow or slower. NO, not at all.

Modern Data Computing has changed ever so slightly. It’s about what free space we have. Not the amount of data stored on the drive. 

(room to move them socks about and clearly see what socks are available and getting the sock you need)

windows 10 full hard disk
Windows 10 Disk Space
MacOS Disk Space

Its all about the Free Space

The actual answer is these days it’s about the percentage of Free space that’s available. 

But every Computer, either a Microsoft Windows PC or an Apple Mac, have a sweet spot for the amount Free space you have. (to efficiently find those toys or socks)

Like I said. Its all about the percentage of free space you have available.

Would you like us to show you how to

Check your Computers FREE space

Choose & Click Below

Free Space Percentage Rule

To make your machine run better, it truly depends on two factors;

  • Storage Type (Hard Drive type)
  • Your operating system
What type of storage your machine uses. 

These days in computing, the two main hard disk standards are the conventional Hard disk drive (HDD) or Solid-state Hard drive (SSD).

The Big difference between the two is simply how the data is stored, the speed of the drive and the storage capacity.

We discuss this further on our article (HDD vs SSD, the Big Difference)

What operating system you're using.

There are lots of various operating systems these days, but let’s keep it simple and focus on the two main operating systems.

Microsoft Windows - 10% Rule

The rule of thumb with Windows operating systems is that you have at least 10% Free space. Reason for this is that Microsoft Windows Operating systems use system memory RAM to do a thing called caching and hold information temperately. 

Apple MacOS - 15%+ Rule

In MacOS, the recommended Free space is 15-20%. The reason is Unlike Windows Machines Apple Machines don’t tend to use RAM to Cache information. They use the Hard disks for caching (temporary storage). 

If you are mac user and you suddenly find your mac, out of disk space did your machine is slower than a snail. This is why.

Solid-state Hard Drive (SSD) OS Rule +10%

The same Rule Apply’s to what operating system you’re using. 

Except you simply add 10%, this is due to how the information gets indexed on an SSD (solid-state hard drive)

  • Microsoft Windows 20% SSD Rule
  • 120GB SSD = 24GB Free space
  • 240GB SSD = 48GB Free space
  • 512GB SSD = 102GB Free space
  • 1024GB SSD = 204GB Free space
  • Apple MacOs 25% SSD Rule
  • 128GB SSD = 32GB Free space
  • 256GB SSD = 64GB Free space
  • 512GB SSD = 128GB Free space
  • 1024GB SSD = 256GB Free space

Isn't it a bit much. So much storage, Gone.

The beauty of free space is it’s your free space on your computers no one else’s. You can use that space when you want, how you want, after all, it’s yours.
If you want to go over that recommended space, that’s entirely your decision.
We are merely suggesting the best possible way to get the most out of your machine by using Free space on your computer.

Hard disk full empty

Do you already

have less than the required FREE Space?

Is your hard disk full?

If your hard disk is already full, and you’ve noticed your computer slowing down. Like we’ve said in this article, try to free up some space.

  • Organise unwanted files & documents
  • Empty your recycle bin
  • User Cloud Storage
  • Delete Download
  • Clean Temporary Files
  • Copy Files to a USB or External HDD
  • Use Cloud Storage
  • Create Backups
  • Run Cleanup tools
  • Clear Internet history

The idea for free space is to get the optimal performance out of your Computer. Then you should follow this rule.

But there arse arguments that suggest fuller hard disks put a strain on your computer hardware and lower the life expectancy of your machine.

low disk space windows
Low disk space on Windows
Low disk space on Macos

So now you've decided to free up your computer.

You've deleted all your unnecessary files, emptied the bin. But you're still Full.

Let us show you how.

The Easy Way!

The team at Kingfisher Computers have taken the time to create a simple guide, regardless if your a Microsoft Windows user or an Apple MacOS user. Choose the button below to be taken to our easy step by step guide. (Guide will take you 5 minutes)


We will be more than happy to help.


Book your PC, Laptop or Apple iMac or Macbook in for a deep clean.
We’ll get rid of all your unwanted junk that’s just slowing things down and causing problems.

Remember when you get that free space?

You also get increased performance, stability and speed.

Get that Deep Clean now.



Maybe Free your computer's space and get


Sound interesting? Why not take advantage of our full-overhaul service package while you here. What does it include?


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