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eMachines eM350 Series – Memory Upgrade


A customer called into Kingfisher Computers today, requesting a memory upgrade of an eMachines eM350, although due to the capabilities of this laptop, in particular.

We advised the customer it would perhaps be worth just buying a new cheap laptop or tablet for the increase in performance that a memory upgrade would do to enhance the performance of the computer. 

Although he insisted that he wanted a memory upgrade, so I proceeded to install the additional 4GB of DDR2 memory (RAM).


The comparison, the increase in performance-enhanced netbook by at least 25%. 

Therefore we decided to service the laptop in an attempt to gain more power/performance. 

So we proceeded to upgrade the BIOS and Drivers


Then we proceeded to run Antivirus and Antispyware scans and removed several threats, then disabling most of the background services and startup items within windows to give the netbook that extra speed. 


We have thus added an addition 15% performance.

In total, we increased the netbook’s performance by 40%

we were astonished to increase in performance that a simple ram upgrade.

Plus the service did to this eMachines laptop as from experience these intel Atom Processors don’t have much of a kick to them.

Memory upgrades several years ago were the in thing to increase performance although in recent years SSD solid-state hard drives. Are the upgrade to have

But in fairness, the performance increase from SSD hard drives I dramatic, and yes we are talking 500%

If you’ve wanted a similar Upgrade or need help? 

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