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Do You want a new computer? Are you thinking about getting a custom-built computer? If you want a custom-built, a computer you've come to the right place.

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Are you thinking about getting a custom-built computer?

Do you want a custom-built a computer?

We have over 25 years of experience in building custom built computers. We can make them meet your needs using quality, components at an affordable price. Our custom PCs are built to last. And to top that off our customer build systems come with unrivalled support.

No matter if your a home user, business, gamer ora specialists such as a photo and video editing company.

We can build a PC for you, how you want it.

No matter what requirements you are after. We can make build you get the best machine to match your budget.

We will also do all the nitty-gritty and make sure all the right programs installed. Your machine is then tweaked to give you the best possible build.

Buying out the box

The difference between buying “out-of-the-box”. and getting a custom made computer is that you’re in control. 

Plus most often a computer that comes out of the box is heavily loaded with junk software and trials. that you’ll never use. 

A lot of these out of the box software. Slow your machine down. Making it feel like you haven’t bought a new computer. At least when you get a custom-built system. You choose, and you decide. Even better, you can have faith that we will ensure its running as fast as possible.


Who will be building my machine

When you by from big chains, you can guarantee your system will have been manufactured on a production line. So you’ll never know who built your system.

The difference between us is. We get personal with our machines.

If you buy a custom-built computer from us, you will often be dealing with the same technician who built your computer for you. 

Giving that unique personal experience. 

We are soo experienced in Building customer PCs. We can even provide references from customers who have bought computers from us in the past. Who attest to our expertise, personal and approachable service. 


Why use us for Custom Built Computers 

  • Save yourself time and hassle. If your thinking about buying a computer. From a high street chain or a mass-produced brand if PC. Speak to one of our engineers. Who will translate this technical jargon into a language you can understand.
  • Rest assured that your machine will have the highest quality. Stable hardware components and explicitly configured your needs. 
  • As you’re in control, you won’t be paying for hardware or software that you won’t ever want or need. You get what you ask for simple.
  • Your machine won’t be slowed down by junk software that you won’t ever use. Any software installed will be your choice.
  • You will be paying for a custom-built machine that will do what you want when you want. Rest assured it will be faster than your hoping for.

Designing and Building to your needs

With our help, you can choose the hardware and software that best match your needs and your budget. 

We will also design your custom-built system with upgrades in mind. So if you want to upgrade your machine in the future, then you can if you so desire.

As we are geeks, we know what’s best. So be confident that we will provide you with the best quality components in your custom build pc. And from our repair expertise, we have acquired the skills and experience. To know what works best with what. What components to buy and what not to buy

Ensuring, it will last longer than one purchased out of the box or off the shell. So it will cost less over time.

As we are an independent local computer repair business. We are always available to help you if your needs change. 


Don’t worry. Our machines are upgradable. We often get customers into our store, wanting an upgrade but they bought a computer from a high street store. And they have been told it’s going to cost the earth to upgrade. 

Often upgrading high street chain or brand name computers. Can be difficult and expensive to upgrade. Meaning you can only purchase parts from that brand. You can avoid being ripped off like this by having a custom-built system to cope with your needs.


All of our computers come with licenced software. But if you have your licence and would like to provide us with it to install it for you, that’s not a problem.


All of our custom-built computers have the best Virus and Spyware protection available. 

Old versions of windows

If you want a new PC but don’t want a more recent Windows Operating System, like Windows 10. We can build a new machine with an older operating system on it for you. Like Windows 7 or earlier if that is your preference.

Custom Build PCs For Individuals

Upon purchasing a computer from us the three simple questions we will ask you are;

  • What do you do
  • What will you be using it for
  • What’s your budget

So if our a home user, gamer, or a business. We know what we are tailoring your computer for. So to best suit you.


Do you want a Computer

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