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Do you think your Computer infected with a Virus?

Let us explain the types of Viruses,

that can infect your computer

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What are Viruses.

Do you think you have a virus?

A computer virus is a program designed to cause harm through your computer. This harm causes by damaging your computer software, which in turn can cause damage to the hardware, therefore causing you to feel, harassed, distressed and alarmed.

The Virus can cause damage in many ways once your computer is infected by:
  • Stealing your personal details
  • Causing your software to act and respond strangely
  • Slowing your computer down and crash
  • Damaging your device's hardware
  • Allowing hackers to steal from your bank account
  • Granting hackers to access your social media accounts
  • Hold your data at ransom in exchange for money
  • Stop you from accessing your emails and internet
  • Spread and Attach to other devices you own
  • Redirecting your browser to malicious web pages
  • Pretending to be security or antivirus programs!
  • Enabling hackers to watch and record your every move.

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If you think

you have a virus?

Do you think you have Computer virus and your computer is experiencing virus like symptoms or your worried this sounds like you and you'd like to come in and see for yourself how Kingfisher Computers can help remove your Virus infection.

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Types of

Computer Viruses?

Computer Viruses come in many shapes names and sizes, although commonly known as a virus, this term covers a wide array of various malicious computer infections, and each variation of a virus plays a specific role. Although the essence of the program is still the same, to cause malicious damage.

Common Variations of modern-day Computer viruses include;
  • Generic Virus: a Term used to cause malicious damage to your computer.
  • Spyware: a Virus used to spy and steal your information.
  • Adware: an infection that inundates your computer with popups and ads.
  • Malware: is a piece of code that causes the spread of viruses, worms and trojans.
  • Trojans: Used by hackers to gain entry to your computer to steal information.
  • Ransomware: Causes the encryption or deletion of your data, in the exchange for money.
  • Rouge Software Poses to be antivirus programs to allow access for other viruses.


Computers get infected with Viruses?

How do computers get infected with Viruses?

Unfortunately, 90% of the time computers get infected with viruses because the user of the computer allows the malicious Virus to enter their device.

In most cases, this can be put down to naivety, as the virus creators scheme for ways to infect peoples computers.

Although not having adequate Virus protection can also play a role in the infection and spread of computer Virus. That's why it's always necessary to make sure your computer or device has adequate antivirus protection.

Don't worry, you are not alone, and it's not your fault. We see so many customers that haven't had the prevention of Viruses explained to them, thus why there is a Computer Virus epidemic.

If you think your Infected with a Virus, You can arrange for a FREE Virus Diagnosis of your Computer.

Virus Types Explained

If you would like to know more above the various Virus explained, below is a detailed explanation of each virus.

We can provide a wide variety of solutions and repairs to remove any of the Computer Virus Explained in Hartlepool below. We will have you back up and running in no time.


Computer Virus

The computer virus is much like a human flu virus. Viruses are designed to spread from person to person or in computer terms, device to device. Then once a host infected, the virus has the ability to replicate itself to spread, the same way that the common cold does on those cold winter night.Although in technical terms, a computer virus is a malicious program or code written and appear in many different forms to cause destruction, steal information, or even watch people, computers or devices.



Spyware Viruses have many purposes, although the usual aim of spyware is to track internet usage, personal identity and bank account information also log in and password details. The information that spyware commonly steals is usually passed to hackers and scammers and is often used for identity fraud.



A trojan is the most dangerous type of malware, think of a trojan as the trojan horse of troy. They are usually concealed within a program or file, making it invisible until it is opened or executed. Once it is executed, it will leave the system open for attack. The hacker can quickly gain access to all information stored on the system via a backdoor gateway the trojan leaves. Thus trojans make it easy for hackers to watch and record your every move. A trojan is usually undetectable without reliable anti-virus software installed.



Adware is one of the more common types of threat your computer can become infected with although they are not necessarily malicious but can be a big annoyance. Adware usually comes packaged in with other programs you install. Once installed, they then will display adverts related to the products or monitor your activity and display relevant adverts. Then any adverts that are clicked could become a threat to your system as it could direct you to a suspicious website that will then download more software. It can also direct your computer to a website that looks similar to your bank’s website or any social media. Then any information entered when attempting to log in, could be stolen!



Worms are types of virus that duplicate themselves to take up space on a system, slowing it down and making it near unusable. Worm Virus infections also have the ability to travel through a network, making themselves available to infect this type of virus across all vulnerable and devices connected to the network vulnerable.



This virus can be horrifying if acquired. It can come in many different types, showing different messages. Usually, upon turning the system on, you will be greeted with a message saying all your files have been encrypted, deleted or stolen. Then you will be held at ransom. If you don’t pay the required amount, either your data will be deleted or shared to all your friends and family.Variations of this Virus can also say the police that has locked your system, and you will have to pay for it to be unlocked.Typically this virus usually gives you a time limit before your data is affected, to pressure you into paying faster.



Malware is a variation of multiples types of viruses, although, the main difference with malware is way in with the Malware Virus is typically delivered. The delivery of malware can be from opening a link or file over email. For the computer to become infected with malware all the user needs to do is click on a link containing the malware infection, one this link is clicked the malware virus ran and executed meaning your computer becomes instantly infected.


Rouge Software

Rouge Software also known as scare ware, typically comes disguised as an antivirus package or system clean up tool. This types of program will advise you that your device has hundreds of viruses or errors on your system and even that drivers need installing. These types of programs will install malicious software and viruses when ran to “fix” the system. Other variations of these programs will tell you to pay for the full version of the program to “fix” the errors. Although most of the time, the programs don’t do anything apart from taking your money!

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Did you know?

Apple also get Viruses

Myth: Apples Mac's don't get viruses.

Something we hear week in and week out at Kingfisher Computers. When dealing with Apple MacOS Computers is;

"my macs got a virus! how can my mac get a virus macs don't get viruses."

But the myth is just a myth! Apple Macs Do get Viruses!

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We are serious about our repairs, and we go beyond just repairing and removing your Viruses, We treat every Virus remval as if it's perfomred on our own device and go that one step further to ensure every device has the following for FREE;
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  • Complete Virus Removal
  • Total Malware & Spyware Removal
  • Hacker and Trojan Free
  • 100% Security Protection
  • Complete System Tune-up
  • Cleanup of junk file
  • Important Security Updates
  • Zero Internet Connectivity Issues

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