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Do you need Business Support and IT Solutions for your Business? Do you use the power of IT, efficiently within your Business?

Do you need Business Support and IT Solutions for your Business?

Do you use the power of IT, efficiently within your Business?

We specialise in Business Solutions. Allow us to help your Business.

If you’re not taking advantage of what IT solutions can do for your Business. You’re missing out on so much. With Business and IT solutions, you can:
Reduce your workload! Increase Productivity!  Increase Security?  Save Time?  Most Importantly! Make you more money?

How we can help with Business Support?

Do you have problems with the network in your Business, or is it working how you want it? Is your system is running slow or not at all?
Does your company have a business backup solution in place, so you need not worry? About losing valuable Business or financial information.

Are you using Sage Accounts, Payroll or any other financial software? Experiencing problems with it?  Would you like help and support with your business software?

Get advice about specific IT business solutions? That will help with the day to day running of your Business?


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What Services we Offer


IT Support Packages (Tailored to your needs).

At Kingfisher, We understand that not all businesses are the same. Our Bussiness Support & IT Solutions, Support Packages are tailored to your needs. We don't have or use a one price fits all strategy for our Support packages. We calculate a Support package tailored to your requirements and what works best for you. Its an all-round most cost-effective solution for your business.


One Time Support (Support when you need it)

If you're the type of business to need or want an IT Support package. Perhaps your business might need to use our services when you're in dire need. We can also provide support to you. Regardless if you work from home, and office or on the road. We can come to you, or you can come to our office. You're in control and the Support choice yours?


On Site Support (We come to you)

Do you need one of our highly trained technicians to come to your site, that's something we offer. Don't worry our engineer's don't talk in technical jargon (unless that's what you want). Most if not all, Business Support and IT Solutions can be determined and rectified at your premises.


Data Backup and Recovery Services

One of the most critical factors of Business and IT solutions these days. Is ensuring your company have adequate backup solutions. Imagine your company is rolling out a million-pound contract. All the documentation and work stored on your network. Then out the blue, there is a fatal error, and you lose everything. That could not only ruin a business but ruin you financially. We can provide Data Backup solutions for your business. So in the, even a disaster does happen. Your Safe! But yet if your company has or does go through a scenario similar to what I mentioned. Our recovery services can help recover your data and your business.


Telephone & Email Support

We offer as part of our Business Support and IT Solutions for our client's complete peace of mind. We know the importance of communication for a business to operate. We provide Telephone and Email Support. Do you have an issue with your emails or telecommunications? That's something we can help with.


Remote Desktop / Support Solutions

Have you suddenly encountered a problem in your business? But you haven't got time to call an engineer and wait for them to come to you. No problem. We offer a remote support solution and its only a phone call away. All you need to do is call our office. Get verified, and one of our engineers will use the power of the internet. To connect to your work station and fix your problems. There and then. Without even being in the room.


Internet & Networking Support

Your business network and the Internet. Are a vital necessity today. Having business systems connected together. Are important for everyday operations in most businesses today. Networking devices within your business can make life so much easier. From sharing information. System back up, sharing printers or a simple Data Share for all your employee’s. We can strive to produce you the best possible network solutions.


Sage Account & Payroll

Kingfisher specialise in Sage Accounts and Payroll support. Has it come to the end of your tax year and sage has suddenly started playing up. Are you trying to pay the wages and Sage PAyroll won't perform an online submission? Now your preparing for your staff to come in mob-handed wanting their wages. Not to worry kingfisher are here. Sage is our speciality. So if you have an issue with sage accounts, payroll or another sage package, why not give us a call?


Do you need Business Support and IT Solutions for your Business?

Fill in the form below and arrange for one of our engineers to contact you and discuss the needs of your business.


Accounting Software

Is your business an accounting firm. Or maybe you handle your accounts. And use software suited for you and your business need. Are you having issues and need Business Support and IT Solutions for a problem your having. Not to worry! Help is at hand.


CAD (computer-aided design and drafting)

CAD is a very demanding and complex program. And to use CAD efficiently and effectively. You require superior hardware. And powerful workstations. Are you trying to work on a CAD project for a client, but your machine simply isn't up to the task. Then its time to give us a call. We can resolve all your CAD issues. And not break the bank.


Dentist Software (Kodak Carestream)

Do you own or run dentist practitioners. Are you having issues with your network or your computer systems? Have you received updates off Kodiak, but you're unable to install them, and it's giving you a headache. OR do you need backup solutions for your clinic, to store all your customer /client records? Don't worry. We are just the team for you.


CRM Solutions (Cusomter Service Managment)

Does your customer handle client information and records? Or are you still doing everything by paper? Having a customer management system in your business can make life so much easier. It can even give you peace of mind and make you more money. There are so many benefits to using CRM's within your business if you would like to know more contact us.


Beskpoke Software Solutions

Business very specific? Do you need a software solution tailored to your wants, needs and desires? Sometimes out the box software just doesn't cut the mustard. No matter what business you have. We can provide a tailored software solution just for you and your business.


Server Support & Managment Services

Does your business hire more people than you have fingers on your hand?Do you have multiple workstations within your office? Do you have numerous offices across the country? Do you want or need all of your data available from one central location so you can connect to it no matter where you are in the world? We prove Server Support & Management Services.

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