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10 Buddy – Your best friend when it comes to Windows 10 – Introduction 

Introduction & Why We Wrote this Book

I might as well start by introducing my self ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m Darren from Kingfisher Computers in Hartlepool.

You’ve probably guessed in hopes to educate our customers. And the general public (as you may not be a customer) on the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. 

Our team at Kingfisher Computers decided to write a book for beginners on how to use Windows 10, in the hopes that you can become windows whiz.

Since the end of poor windows 7’s life on the 14th January 2020, (Rest in Piece). Our local, Hartlepool based repair shop, as you’ve guesses called Kingfisher Computers, has been inundated with customers upgrading from Windows 7 to Microsoft Lastest operating system. In turn, these customers have wanted to learn Microsoft Windows 10.

From this, we felt it was our obligation to write a simple book on how to use Windows 10. Plus it reduces our support phone calls as we do provide free telephones support.

Our book specifically aimed at those persons that have become so used to that angel of an operating system Microsoft Windows 7.

Let us try and interact with you the user, and give you the most simple, easy to use guide we possibly can. We will teach you and guide you through how to use Microsoft Windows 10

We are all human, well, most of us are. And we understand that when it comes to computers, especially ones with Microsoft Windows installed some books or guides like this might be a bit like a trip to the dentist. Something that your not keen on doing. But it has to be done.

Our team understand that you want to learn a specific thing in windows 10 and move onto something that you consider more important. And there is nothing wrong with that. That’s where this book comes in handy. 

We hope that this book will guide you at becoming a Windows whiz over time.

As a guide and a reference. So rather than trying to read thought this book in one go.

Use the book as a helpful companion when you are stuck on something. Then look it up. And over time you will become not only a windows Wiz but a windows expert.

Don’t worry if you have a touchscreen all in one computer a laptop or a desktop, as long as your computer is running microsoft Windows 10, this guide is just for you.

About this Book

Should you read this book in one go? That’s entirely up to you although I wouldn’t try to, that’s a mammoth task, and I can’t see the enjoyment in that. 

Would you open up a thesaurus and try to read it from front to back. I doubt it., and if you could, then I take my hat off to you.

On that note, please don’t try and read this book in one go, there’s simply no need.

Instead, try our books like a reference like an encyclopedia or dictionary. When you stuck, or you need to know how to do something. Then open the book up find what you need to do and say to your self “my god this book is amazing that’s exactly what I needed to do”, then dust the book off and put it back where you keep it and get on with your day.

Also, don’t try to make life difficult for your self by memorising all the technical windows jargon, you’ll give your self a headache. Leave those types of things to the techies and computer enthusiast, although over time you will start to remember and recognise these terms so just give it time.

We will warn you if anything comes up in a remotely technical chapter, so keep an eye out for the “Hazard signs”, as we will notify you.

Take your time, and we have tried to the right this book in as plain English as we can, think of it as your one of our customers, we will always try to translate technical jargon as best we can to make you understand if ever you have visited our shop.

Throughout this book, we will discuss a broad range of subjects, these include;

Keeping your computer safe and secure

  •  What is the Windows 10 Start menu and making sense of it?
  •  Finding, Running (opening), and closing programs or apps
  •  Finding files that you have saved or downloaded from the Internet.
  •  Setting up your PC, Laptop or Tablet computer for the family to share
  •  Copying your information to and from USB flash drives or Disks
  •  Saving and sharing files from your digital camera or smartphone.
  •  Scanning or Printing work
  •  Creating a small network between computers to share files, printers or the Internet.
  •  Stop Windows misbehaving and fixing issues.

Don’t worry, this is not a test, you learn at your pace as, and when you need to, there is nothing to remember or learn. There will not be an exam at the end of this book. 

Simply enjoy and use this resource as and when it suits you.

We have tried to make this book as simple as possible to use, unlike most technical manuals, we will not confuse you, therefore at the right of every page, there is a brief explanation to help you when in need.

How to use your 10 Buddy (Book)

If you’re new to computers, then don’t worry its normal when a new computer user. Every version of Windows has left someone scratching their head at some point.

If you’ve come from a previous operating system Like windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8, then not to worry, Windows 10 isn’t that dissimilar to what you’re used to.

Windows 10 is considered the most complicated version of Windows released to date, although I strongly disagree. Its a puppy dog compared to Windows Vista or Windows 8, Trust me even I struggled to try to figure out how to turn off Windows 8 and I’m an expert.

Just relax, let us help and take each step in your stride. If at any point you feel stuck or stumped use the Buddy( This book as your guide and reference.

Its simple find the topic you’re having trouble within the buddy’s table of contents or index.

We tried to make the table of contents and index as easy as possible as it lists chapter and section titles and even the page numbers. 

Look through the index or table of contents find what you seem to be having issues with, locate that page, read what you need to read if you haven’t found what you were looking for, look again. 

Once you have found the solution to your problem, follow your buddy. Then close the book and carry on with your day.

If you feel the need and you have some spare time on your hands for a little learning, then why not read a little further, it can’t hurt.

You will find that each section had bulleted items, that you will discover completely voluntary extra tips and details for you to check out or cross-reference.

This book is called Buddy, Your best friend when it comes to Windows 10

So think of it as just that, there is no pressure, we aren’t forcing you to lean or discover anything that you haven’t got the time for.

If we ask you to do anything like type something into the computer, you will find that we will write it like this;

Type Notepad into the search box hit Enter.

Notice that the text highlighted in bold is what we would like you to type. in this case, the word “NOTEPAD.”

and the underlined are something physical that we would like you to do

for instance;

 “Type” is pressing the keys on the keyboard

“hit Enter” is pushing the enter key on your keyboard.

We understand that following text instructions can be confusing, so we will also accompany any text instructions with an image of what it should look like.

When I describe using key combinations will do the same as above.

Press Ctrl + B on your keyboard

Notices how underlined is the physical action of Pressing the buttons Ctrl and Letter B on your keyboard.

Whenever your buddy presents you with an email address, file name or website address it will be given to you like this;

EMAIL:ย sales@kingfishercomputers.co.uk

FILE-NAME: notepad.exe

WEB:ย www.kingfishercomputers.co.uk

IGNORE the part in capital letters we are only interested in what comes after the EMAIL:

The 10 Buddy – “Your best friend when it comes to Windows 10,” doesn’t do a thing like, pass the book or manual by quite literally telling you to consult your manual.

The sad thing is that Windows 10 doest even come with a manual.

This book sadly doesn’t contain information about running software such as Microsoft Office. This book it just for windows 10, as it says on the cover. But maybe just maybe that might be our next book, Office Buddy.

if you have questions or comments about 10 Buddy – “Your best friend when it comes to Windows 10”, feel free to pop over to our website at www.kingfishercomputers.co.uk or even drop us an email to sales@kingfishercomputers.co.uk

My self or my team will be happy to help.

Finally, keep in mind that 10 buddy is your best friend when it comes to windows, but this book is a reference. 

This book is not designed to teach you how to use Windows like an expert, although we try to make you a windows wiz.

Instead, this 10 buddy offers enough little chunks of information to help you learn microsoft Windows 10

Don’t worry if you have a touch screen

Microsoft Windows 10 comes preinstalled on all new Windows-based Computers these days, including desktop PCs and laptops.

But Microsoft also aims Windows 10 to touch screen users. Such as Touch screen laptops, All in one PC’s, tablets and mobile phones, even some monitors have touch screen capabilities.

If your new touchscreen owner, don’t worry. The 10 buddies will explain where you need to touch, slide, or tap your fingers on the screen where needed.

If you find your self confused over the explanations as most windows 10 users are using a mouse, please remember the three rules to any touch screen device.

  • SINGLE CLICK: When told to click, you should single tap on the screen and releasing it is the same as single-clicking with a mouse. 
  • DOUBLE CLICK: When told to double-click, tap twice. Two quid touches are the same as a double click.
  • RIGHT-CLICK: When told to right-click, hold down your finger, Then, when an icon appears, lift your finger. Then the right-click menu appears onscreen. (same as the right click on the mouse), then use the single click rule to select from the list.


Touch screen computers are just like any other computer. Therefore if you prefer to use a traditional mouse or keyboard, you can only do that. 

Simply plug your mouse and keyboard into your device and away you go.

What about You?

The chances that you already own Microsoft Windows 10 device, or you’ve just upgraded from Windows 7, and this new-look version of Windows deceives you.

But you want to be in the same boat that you were using Windows 7. 

You know how to use it and did what you wanted to do with ease. 

But now your finding things to be a little long in the tooth.

We receive so many calls at Kingfisher with customers, that have been used to doing something a certain way, yet now they simply can’t figure out how to do that simple task they once did every day.

Thus the reason we have written this book.


To make this book the definitive easy to use guide that we have set out to prepare for you. We have added 5 simple icons throughout the margins of the book to help make it a little easier to follow and understand what we are trying to do.


Look out for this icon, as we’d like to warn you before any technical information is waiting around the corner. 

It’s simple if you see this icon and you would like to steer clear of confusing technical nonsense, and this icon is one to watch out for.


It’s always lovely to get simple little tips that might help you out. The tips icon alerts you about juicy knowledge that makes using Windows 10 that little bit easier.


If your 10 buddy wants to shop you something important that we don’t want you to forget you will see this icon. 


Don’t worry. Your computer isn’t going to crash when you see this icon. But a sign shows us its a good idea to proceed with caution.


If you’ve upgraded from an earlier version of Windows, Like Windows 7, this icon alerts you to tasks that did exist in that previous version of windows. However, in windows 10, it might behave differently.

Beyond the 10 Buddy

To accompany our book, we have created a free 10Buddies Tip Sheet. 

You can download this at www.kingfishercomputers.co.uk/blog

The 10Buddies Tip Sheet provides some of the most commonly needed information for persons struggling with windows 10. 

The 10 buddies Tipsheet is a quick and easy go-to displaying many keyboard shortcut and tips on using windows 10.

Our website www.kingfishercomputers.co.uk also includes multiple blogs and articles on whats going on in the world of Computers.ย 

If you would like a nosey, why not pop over and have a look.

Where to Go from Here

Now you’re to dive into the world of Windows 10 so get ready for action. 

Have a quick flick and scan through each section of the book. See it doesn’t look as complicated as you might think.

 Don’t forget that the Windows 10 Buddy, is Your best friend when it comes to Windows 10, your tool against those computer geeks that have provided the world with a complicated view on computers and Windows 10


Why not circle any paragraphs you find helpful, highlight critical ideas or even add your sticky notes or page folds. 


Write in your book, or even doodle also make notes in the margins next to the complicated stuff, after all, it’s your book you can do with it as you please.

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