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Kingfisher computers specialise in virus and spyware removal strong>virus and spyware removal in Hartlepool. We have over 20 years experience which gives us the knowledge unrivalled in virus and spyware removal

Are you having Virus problems? Maybe you have issues with spyware or malware? Cursed with annoying popups. We specialize in Virus and Spyware Removal in hartlepool/h1>

Are you having Virus problems? Maybe you have issues with spyware or malware? Cursed with annoying popups. We specialize in Virus and Spyware Removal in hartlepool

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Nearly every household in the UK has had at some point either a LAPTOP or a PC,”that statement has got to be true,” especially in the naughties (2000-2009)
“eeeeesh remember the millennium bug”
Sadly PC and Laptops are slowly dwindling away, as these days most of our homes are filled with other devices,
such as iPads, tablets and smart phones.
Needless to say, you can’t beat a good old Personal Computer or Laptop.
Yup, the trusted PC, that most of us started out on.
Remember, when you would need to set up your own little home office, or your personal computer would take its place in the corner of the room.
If  you’re a little younger than you and I, you probably never had the pleasure of growing up with a laptop (they were to expensive when I was a kid).
You will remember sitting with the parents watching prime time television, whilst playing on Facebook or even (Bet you aint heard these couple of words in a while) Myspace or MSN messenger.
Well those days are gone, “Myspace and MSN” I mean….
But the Good old trusted PC and Laptop ARE HERE TO STAY
You’ve come on to the PC and Laptop Problems page and you need OUR HELP……..
Well Firstly I’ve got to point out, that no matter what is wrong with your PC or Laptop,
We will Diagnose your Devices FREE of charge,
So why not Give Us a Call on 01429 280955 ? 
Call now and speak to one of our Team.
However, if you’re like me and like to look into a person’s eyes when your considering giving them your trusted PC or Laptop, come and see us,
you will be greeted with a smile and open arms.
I could do like every other computer shop in the world would do and just list a WHOLE lot of problems and baffle you with them..eg. IT MIGHT BE THIS, OR COULD BE THAT..
SO OUT OF FORMALITY AND TRADITION, as it would be rude not too,
here’s a list of problems that we can solve…. hahahaha READ ON!.

In the late 90’s, up until the mid naughties, Kingfisher Computers had that many personal computers coming through the door daily, we had to extend our office into three separate workshops. “Yes you remember them, Towers”
My God, those were the days. Not so much these days, as laptops, tablets, iPads and Phones seem to have dominated the personal computer market.
Personally, I think there is nothing better than sitting in the study or back bedroom, relaxed, surfing away on the internet, playing games and messing around with the good, old personal computer, but THAT’S JUST ME.
This was far better than being on the iPad, or laptop, in the living room with the kids, or even worse, the wife, hahaha… Watching mind numbing Eastenders or the dreaded Coronation Street (simply a matter of opinion).

If your computer has any of the following symptoms it may be infected with a Virus or spyware.

      •  Random toolbars, links or favourites appearing in your web browser.

      •  Home page, mouse pointer or search function change unexpectedly.

      •  After entering a website address you’re taken to an unrelated one.

        You see pop-up ads, even if your computer isn’t connected to the Internet.

      •  Your computer suddenly starts running slowly.

So Now there are 2 scenario’s

CALL US ON 01429 280955

“To discuss your issues with us”


CALL IN (where we ARE)

“and discuss the problem face to face”

Would you like your home to be smart?

The answer is a smart home networking

would you like a smart home network to share movies, monitor your heating, control your tv’s
protect your house and loved ones with cctv from your phone

Kingfisher Computers specialise in smart home networking, yes this is something that we can help you with
the benefits and possibilities of smart home networking is endless.
from simple things like extending your wireless network, to monitoring your heating or water from your smart devices such a ipads or smart phones

or even sharing your loved one’s home videos or phons to all your home televisions

Why not call Kingfisher Computers to discuss how we can help.

Read on and see if we can help. Why not give one of our team a call on 01429 280955


Do you want or need Smart or Home Networking Solutions?

Smart Networking


With Smart networking in your home you can connect all of your devices from phones,  tablets and laptops to even your home personal computer so that they can all talk to each other and share information seemlessley

Home Networking


With home networking you can share all your information across all your devices and even share the internet too.

Smart Home


Imagine being able to control the lighting in your home or even the central heating from your phone or tablet? Perhaps even view home CCTV from anywhere in the world well thats something that we can do, why not give us a call.

Smart TV


Would’nt it be nice to just watch anything from your phone onto your Smart TV, or even watch catchup TV or even your Sky or Virgin Media on one of your mobile devices. Or even have a full library of movies to watch on your Smart TV? this is something we specialise in

Smart Home Security


Imagine been away on holiday and being able watch your home CCTV on your phone from your holiday destination. Interested?

Smart Heating

Y0ur sat at working thinking, i could do with a nice hot bath when i get in, although you forgot to put the heating on, well we can set your home so you can turn it on from anywhere, yes we can do just that

Would you like to Contact us about smart home networking?

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