Are you having problems? Would you like us to fix it over the internet

Perhaps we can help repair your computer with remote support?

Yes we can fix your computer from anywhere in the world without actually being there with you, thats the beauty of remote support

WE: we are sat in our office,
YOU: are sat at home or your office
AND: we can fix your computer
YES WE CAN DO; this on your PC, laptop & Also your Apple Mac or Phone

Yes i know what your thinking “thats dodgy” but nope its completely secure and safe. We can only connect to your computer with your permission with you at at the computer.



Remote support for your pc or laptop running windows XP, 7, 8 or Windows 10

Apple Mac


let us fix your macbook or iMac with remote support



linux errors? struggling to resolve it your self? let us repair it with remote support

Chrome OS

remote support for your chrome book 🙂


android phone or tablet having problems yes we can remote support these bad boys too



remote support for your apple iPhones or iPads running iOS 

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