Are you having problems? Maybe you need a PC or Laptop Repair

Perhaps we can help repair your PC or Laptop ?

Kingfisher Computers specialise in PC and Laptop repair, maybe your PC or Laptop is broken or just running slow OR not how you want it to.

Maybe you have Viruses, Spyware or those annoying popups, or that Free Windows 10 Upgrade did not go as planned and failed

How can we help?

PC Repairs


Personal Computers Problems, Yes thats something we can help with

Laptop Repairs


Laptop just ain’t working how it should be, or not how you like it to work, Read on!

Virus Removal


Got a Virus or are you hindered by Annoying popups, Spyware, Malware. We can help

Internet Problems


Trying to surf the internet but its just not happening! We can help

Not Turning on!


Turned your computer on and its just not turning on, but your monitors says no input signal?

Blue Screen!


PC or Laptop keeps getting a blue screen, sometimes it may work sometimes it just won’t boot and just blue screens. We can help

Windows Upgrades


Noticed the Free Windows 10 Upgrade but a bit unsure or tried it and failed.



Need more storage or increase your RAM to increase your PC or Laptop performance

Windows Downgrades


Upgraded to Windows 10 and simply don’t like it why not go down a version, perhaps Windows XP or Windows 7

Still need help with your PC or Laptop?

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