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Do you need iPad & Tablet Repairs is your tablet broken? or ipad screen smashed dont worry we can repair your ipad or tablet in no time

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tablet reaYou’ve got to be honest, how easy and convienent are iPads & Tablets

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Once upon a time, you would have to wait a few minutes for your PC or Laptop to turn on before you even started to surf the Internet or watch a movie, but these days it’s as simple as pressing a button. The screen comes on and Boom, you’re away surfing the internet to your heart’s content…. Plus no more mice or keyboards, the tip of your fingers are your tools these days and your key to the virtual world.

The good old pinch to zoom, or swipe for next, so simple and practical!

BUT with all that ease also comes the ease of dropping the little critters, then Aargghh! Yup, you guessed correctly, “it’s smashed.”

Or there’s the other one I heard about, it’s Netflix and chill with the girlfriend and there’s a little accident. Yeah you guessed it, “wine, larger or juice” spilt over the tablet and now it won’t play any sound out of the speakers or it just won’t turn on….

WELL, that’s where Kingfisher computers, Hartlepool, comes in. We can fix your iPads or Tablets…

So why not come in and see us or give us a call, advice is always free and even if we have a look to diagnose your issues, we still won’t charge you until its fixed.

So Now there are 2 scenario’s

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Do you need an Apple iPad or Tablet Repairing

Perhaps we can help repair your Apple iPad or Tablet?

Kingfisher Computers specialise in apple iPad and Tablet repair, maybe your apple Tablet or iPad is broken or just not running how you want it to.

Maybe the kids have dropped the tablet or iPad and smashed the screen?

We can HELP!

Whats the problem with your Apple Ipad or Tablet?

Ipad Repair


What iPad do you have why not take a looks through our full list of iPads and faults to see if we can help

Tablet Repair

These days their are so many different types of tablets, especially in the android market! take a look at our list, to see if we can help

Smashed Screen

nothing worse that sitting down and using your iPad or Tablet and worrying if your going to get glass in your little fingers.

Touch Not Working

Touch screen not working at all or just part of the screen, thats something we specialise in

No Sound


You go to use your iPad or tablet and go on your tube only to diver no sound coming from you device any more

Not Charging Up


Put your charger in the wrong way round, or jammed something in the charger socket, or it just isn’t charging…

Password Problems


Forgot your password or its just not accepting your password

Headphone Jam

pulled your headphones out and jammed the jack in the port. we can help you

Other Problems


Something we haven’t mentioned why not take a look at our Other common iPad or tablet issues

Still need help with your Apple iPad or Tablet?

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