Data Recovery

Have you lost your Data? Cant find the family photos or videos?

We can recover all your lost files or repair that faulty hard drive

Computer or external hard drive broken? Lost those valuable family photos or university work, we can recover them for you! yes kingfisher can save the day

There is nothing worse than spending hour upon hour, working on your end of year accounts, a vital assignment for college or your destination for university, only for your computer to crash and all that hard work and effort  to begone forever……. Then there is the sudden realisation that, “YEP!” You’ve got to do it all over again.


There is even a more dreadful scenario, and it pains me to suggest it, Losing those irreplaceable photos of a loved on that has passed away 🙁

Then there’s watching your babies grow to toddlers, then to adults and when you go to check out your nostalgic photo collection on your computer, you find, they’re just not there!

Lost your important data? We can help

Faulty USB Stick

Faults on your imac hard disk, is it starting to run to a halt, let us repair it for you



Looking for an important email but you just cant find it? we can help

Accidently Deleted

We’ve all being guilty of this before, clicking delete then suddenly realising that you didn’t mean to do it 🙁

Essays & Assignments


lost your assessment just before the due date deadline, or your usb pen has just died and you haven’t made a backup

Sage Or Other Accounts

All of a sudden your apple imac wont connect to the internet, thats something we can help you with

Lost Family Photos or Videos


is their anything worse than loosing those old family photos, thats hold so much nostalgia

Irreplaceable Pics


They say that apple macs don’t get viruses but im guessing you have found out they do, we can help?

SD Cards


Do you need your apple imac upgrading, more memory or larger hard disk perhaps or even a solid state drive? we can help

Faulty Hard Drives


Experiencing other problems on your apple imac that we haven’t listed here, why not contact us to discuss your issue with one of our team

Still need help with a Data Recovery?

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