Are you having problems? Apple iMac or Macbook

Perhaps you need a Apple iMac or macbook Repair

Perhaps we can help repair your  Apple iMac or Macbook?

Kingfisher Computers specialise in apple iMac and macbook repair, maybe your apple iMac or Macbook is broken or just not running how you want it to.

Maybe you have been to the apple store to see the apple geniuses but the could not fix your iMac or macbook or they could help but quoted the earth. Why not see if we can help.

Whats the problem with your Apple iMac or Macbook?



We love our Apple iMac’s, we actually still have the Apple iMac G3 in our office and we’ve had every model in kingfisher since, need your Apple iMac repairing call us



We repair the full range of apple macbook’s, yup this includes the macbook air and macbook pro too..

Legacy Apple


Do you have a older apple mac, but apple and everybody else wont look at it because they say “its too old” why not give us a try

No Display or Red Screen


Nothing is coming on your apple imac screen, But the screen is lit up?

Water Damage


You turn your apple imac on but its just beeping, with no display. is it broken? No we can help.

Running Slow


Your apple imac is Running slow and you keep seeing the dreaded beech ball going round and round

Anti Virus

They say that apple macs don’t get viruses but im guessing you have found out they do, we can help?

No Internet


All of a sudden your apple imac wont connect to the internet, thats something we can help you with

Faulty Hard Drive

Faults on your imac hard disk, is it starting to run to a halt, let us repair it for you

OSX Promblems


Upgraded Apple OSX to El Capitan or High Sierra and now experiencing problems? im sure we can help



Do you need your apple imac upgrading, more memory or larger hard disk perhaps or even a solid state drive? we can help

Other Problems

Experiencing other problems on your apple imac that we haven’t listed here, why not contact us to discuss your issue with one of our team

Still need help with your Apple iMac?

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