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Kingfisher Computers was founded in 1997 and has been serving the public and businesses throughout Hartlepool and surrounding areas for over twenty years, we have a satisfied network of clients throughout the north east of England.
We are experts in a wide range of technologies in the computer services sector from Personal Computer, Laptop, Console and mobile phone repairs to general maintenance, installations, network setups and viruses/spyware removal. From the most simple repairs to the more advanced repairs like low level motherboard component repair.

Our organisation delivers reliable PC repair and maintenance services, including virus removal, upgrading systems, data backup and recovery and laptop repairs. Systems are thoroughly tested when repaired and all data is thoroughly secured, the repaired or optimized system is ready for regular use again and can again meet your requirements. The services that are offered can be seen, and are available from the website.

Helping clients to resolve their PC problems as soon as possible, Kingfisher Computers provides home users with good quality computer repair service. With a fully fitted workshop, the service is intended to meet customer expectation.

We have developed a reliable and trustworthy service to regular and new clients, well practiced and knowledgeable in PC repair and maintenance to a high standard.

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Laptop & Macbooks

Apple iMacs


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iPhones & Smart Phones


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TV’s and Android 


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Virus & Adware Removal

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Not yet convinced, we are the guys for the job

Why not check out our online reputation 🙂 we are currently rated in the top 16 computer repair companies in the UK, out of over 10,000. i’m not just a pretty face you know “darren”.

Review sites are a good way to check a business out before giving someone your business, kingfisher computers reviews and ratings across the internet are exceptional, although this is never entirely a true indication of the quality of service they provide, personally i like reading reviews when i look to giving someone my hard earned pennies, and in all fairness, i like companies that have the odd negative review! why is this, when from negativity comes positivity, yep its the best way a company can improve by getting bad reviews.


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Another Kingfisher from America “thought id ad this one”
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